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Sparkle = Happy :) (and for all other things nails, def visit chloesnails for tips/tricks/trends)

The beauty department. Great website for hair tips, tutorials, makeup tips.

removing stubborn nail polish, decals--it works great (I tried it with 5 layers of top coat and polish when doing gradient nails); no need for foil--RM

She makes me laugh out loud

"Happiness is handmade" said every Fashion Designer in the whole world.

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Blue Velvet Chair ~ Recycle ~ Repurpose ~ Relove (a Kazillion Ideas)

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A few extra ideas of saving when you're pinching pennies

This is a great website and has this wonderful pumpkin & feta salad, then links to a honey balsamic dressing.

Always wearing the cutest outfits

Always wearing the cutest outfits