Beautiful beautiful autumn...

View from Highway 1 in Anaconda - the oldest hwy in Montana. I love going past this little spot on this road every fall. The cottonwood trees are amazing and this little homesteaders cabin, turned corral, is a remembrance of all things Montana

Old Barn and Swing.

Weathered barn with mossy roof. The swing and the leaves. the whole picture.

Awesome Barn Picture

Beautiful Awesome Barn Picture Always remember summers in Grampa and Gramas barns dirt dabbers, hay, cats

Barns, Poppies and Mangelsen

Eastern Idaho ~ days bring wildflowers and tall grasses. Homesteaders along the Oregon Trail began settling productive farmlands and building barns like this one in the northern Rockies in droves around pursuing the romance, abundance, and a better life.

old barn & wash tub

old barn & wash tub & the things I use to do with all the barns as a child!


I love pretty dresses and I love beautiful pictures. So today I’m not going to say a lot. I just want to share these, almost fairytale like pictures with you. Source: all pictures

yellow field

I took a long drive out into the county and I had to pull over and shoot this place. I really loved how the fence seemed to be the divider of Spring Flowers and Winter rain flooded fields.

Old Barn in Italy's Countryside

One of the early stone and slab cottages remaining in the Berrima district, Australia. Eucalyptus trees provided the early settler with abundant large straight slabs to use vertically or horizontally in the wall construction of his slab hut. The roof was

log pile

we need wood piles when we have a fire, we are getting ready to get our first load for the winter season coming up.


Saturday mornings spent with my dad and brother chopping down firewood and break time meant the Stanley full of coffee or hot cocoa ready to warm us up in our break!


Red barn with old wooden wagon wheel. Love the wagon wheel for painting!

scenic barn near Seymour, Missouri

"Scenic Barn" by Jerry E. Shelton: This scenic barn is located just north of Seymour, in rural Webster County, Missouri.