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Books and films on art and art history, maintained by Elise Wong, the Art selector
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Vigée Le Brun / Joseph Baillio, Katharine Baetjer, Paul Lang

Strike art : contemporary art and the post-occupy condition / Yates McKee.

Abstract expressionism / David Anfam.

Art since 1989 / Kelly Grovier.

Art and contemporaneity / edited by Frank Ruda and Jan Voelker.

Here / Richard McGuire.

Inside the artist's studio / Joe Fig.

The magazine / edited by Gwen Allen.

Mass effect : art and the internet in the twenty-first century / Edited by Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter.

The colors of the new world : artists, materials, and the creation of the Florentine codex / Diana Magaloni Kerpel.

Rock art and regional identity : a comparative perspective / Jamie Hampson.

Postcards on parchment : the social lives of medieval books / Kathryn M. Rudy.

María Izquierdo and Frida Kahlo : challenging visions in modern Mexican art / Nancy Deffebach.

Lives of the great photographers / by Juliet Hacking.

Killing and dying / six stories by Adrian Tomine.

The global contemporary and the rise of new art worlds / edited by Hans Belting, Andrea Buddensieg, and Peter Weibel.

Food in art : from prehistory to the Renaissance / Gillian Riley.

Contemporary Chinese art : a history, 1970s-2000s / Wu Hung.

Bio art : altered realities / William Myers.

The apse mosaic in early medieval Rome : time, network, and repetition / Erik Thunø, Rugers University.

Printmaking : a complete guide to materials & processes / Bill Fick & Beth Grabowski.

Painting in Latin America, 1550-1820 : From Conquest to Independence / edited by, Luisa Elena Alcalà and Jonathan Brown.

Michelangelo's David : Florentine history and civic identity / John T. Paoletti