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how great thou ARTS

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When the machine made art : the troubled history of computer art / Grant D. Taylor.

Lygia Clark : the abandonment of art, 1948-1988 / Cornelia H. Butler, Luis Pérez-Oramas ; with essays by Antonio Sergio Bessa

Hannah Höch / [editing by Dawn Ades, Emily Butler, Daniel F. Herrmann].

(Curating) from A to Z / Jens Hoffmann

Brunelleschi's egg : nature, art, and gender in Renaissance Italy / Mary D. Garrard.

The young Van Dyck / edited by Alejandro Vergara and Friso Lammertse

Rodin / Antoinette Le Normand-Romain.

Reynolds : portraiture in action / Mark Hallett.

Lucian Freud / herausgegeben von Sabine Haag und Jasper Sharp

J.M.W. Turner : painting set free

Goya : order & disorder

The Duchamp dictionary / Thomas Girst ; 64 illustrations by Heretic.

@Large : Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz / edited by David Spalding

Philographics : big ideas in simple shapes / Genís Carreras ; original text: Chris Thomas

Paul Klee : making visible / [edited by Matthew Gale].

Bodies in balance : the art of Tibetan medicine / edited by Theresia Hofer.

Propaganda prints / Colin Moore

Posters for the people : art of the WPA / by Ennis Carter

An audience of artists : Dada, Neo-Dada, and the emergence of abstract expressionism / Catherine Craft.

Donatello, Michelangelo, Cellini : sculptors' drawings from Renaissance Italy / edited by Michael W. Cole

Exhibition / edited by Lucy Steeds.

Keith Haring : the political line / by Dieter Bucchart, Julian Cox, Robert Farris Thompson, Julia Gruen, Glenn O'Brien, Julian Myers-Szupinska, Tony Shafrazi, Carlo McCormick, and Giorgio Verzotti.

Sexuality / edited by Amelia Jones.

Snapshot photography : the lives of images / Catherine Zuromskis.

Stanley Spencer : art as a mirror of himself / Andrew Causey.