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    Libraries/Librarians in the Movies

    Celebrating librarians and libraries on the silver screen.... or even on television!

    Libraries/Librarians in the Movies

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    Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2015-). Young sleuth does much of her work in the library.

    Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery | Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

    The X-Files (TV show 1993- ). Mulder and Scully are often in the library doing their proper research in their quest to discover and prove unexplained phenomenon.

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    The Painted Lady (1997). The two experts examine prints of paintings in an art library.

    painted lady mirren

    The Nasty Girl or Das schreckliche Mädchen (1990). Seeking information on Bavaria's Nazi past in newspaper archives.

    The Nasty Girl

    La Tete en friche or My Afternoons with Margueritte (1999). An illiterate man learns to love literature thanks to his elderly friend, and with help from the village librarian.

    "La Tête en friche" : Depardieu en Charentes, le retour

    Divorzio all'Italiana [Divorce Italian Style] (1961). Don Ferdinando plots a way to get out of his marriage in his old palazzo of a house, including an ancient library.

    Marcello Mastroianni: curiosità, filmografia e amori

    Ten Winters or [Dieci Invierni] (2009). Studying in college to recover from the pangs of unrequited love.

    Ferdy on Films

    The Matchmaker or [Pa’am Hayiti] (2010, Israel). The librarian is meant to help in research but instead focuses on finding love for himself.

    Ferdy on Films

    The Man Without a Face (1993). A lonely boy gets tutoring from a disfigured lonely man in a very fine private library.

    Review: The Man Without a Face

    This House Possessed (1983). Want some creepy newspaper articles?


    Time Changer (2002). Time traveler explores the modern world and is greatly dismayed.

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    The Crimson Rivers [Les rivières pourpres] (2000). Solving a murder in the Alps of France in a lovely library.

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    The Librarian Dialogues (2005). A film short about important issues in four librarian lives. Like strange sounds that they want stopped.

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    The Guy in the Grave Next Door [Grabben i graven bredvid] (2002). Widowed librarian meets a cute farmer.

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    Computercide (1982). The future of libraries is... the computer!!!!


    Tales from the Crypt: Maniac at Large (TV series 1989-1996). An over reaction to reports of a serial killer.

    IMDb: MyMovies: librarians & libraries - a list by library_mistress

    The Drivetime (1995). A librarian from the future named Flux goes back in time to Seattle to record the fall of civilization.

    THE DRIVETIME by Antero Alli and Rob Brezsny

    Code Of Silence (1985). Hiding out in the library to escape a drug gang.

    Code Of Silence

    Barbara Wood: Lockruf der Vergangenheit (2004). A library from the 1920's!

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    L'Ange (1983). Identical looking librarians do their thing in this fascinating art film.

    The Forgotten: "L'Ange" (1983) on Notebook

    Ondine (2009). Researching selkies.

    Slow Green and Black Currents

    The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea [La Vielle Qui Marchait Dans la Mer] (1991). Lara Guirao plays a librarian in Paris.

    The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea 1991 | Movies, actors and actr

    Amityville II: The Possession (1983). The archives that will aid in researching more about the scary Long Island home.

    The Amityville Horror Trilogy Blu-ray

    The Amityville Horror (1979). Researching the story behind the new home...

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    The Librarian (1947). A vocational film about the career of librarianship.

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