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    SMC Campus Authors

    A selection of some of the books written by faculty, staff, and students of Saint Mary's College. More can be searched in the library catalog by title: SMC Campus Authors

    SMC Campus Authors

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    The louder the room the darker the screen / Paul Ebenkamp. Paul is the Interim Director for the January Term office.

    Mad men and politics : nostalgia and the remaking of modern America / [edited by] Linda Beail and Lilly J. Goren. Denise Witzig, professor in the Women's and Gender Studies program, has published a chapter in this book titled: "Masculinity and Its Discontents: Myth, Memory and the Future on Mad Men"

    Emergency anthems / Alex Green, a faculty member in the English department

    Applied Statistics for Business and Management using Microsoft Excel (2013) Linda Herkenhoff, School of Economics and Business Administration, and John Fogli.

    Contemporary Canadian Fiction [Critical Insights] (2014), edited by Carol L. Beran, professor of English at SMC

    What Matters Most: Everyday Leadership at Home, at Work, and in the World / Maura Wolf

    Paul: Windows on His Thought and His World / Maria Pascuzzi, adjunct faculty member in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies

    Sex and war on the American stage : Lysistrata in performance, 1930-2012 / Emily B. Klein. English faculty

    Sun bear / Matthew Zapruder, faculty in the dept. of English & the MFA in Creative Writing

    Ethical models and applications of globalization : cultural, socio-political and economic perspectives / [edited by] Charles Wankel, Shaun Malleck. Chapter 2 is written by Julianne E. Maurseth of SEBA on the "Embodied Ethics for Our Interdependent World: How our Micro-level Choices Lead to Macro-Level Impacts."

    Ethics across the curriculum : a practice-based approach / Michael Boylan and James A. Donahue (SMC President)

    The Co-Teaching Book of Lists / Katherine Perez, professor with the School of Education

    More Than 100 Brain-Friendly Tools and Strategies for Literacy Instruction / Dr. Kathy Perez, professor with the School of Education

    The New Inclusion: Differentiated Strategies to Engage ALL Students / Kathy Perez, professor with the School of Education

    Black Stats: African Americans by the Numbers in the Twenty-first Century / Monique W. Morris, a member of our faculty with the graduate Leadership program.

    On These Promising Shores of the Pacific: A History of Saint Mary’s College / by Ronald Eugene Isetti, History Professor Emeritus

    Victor Serge: A Political Biography / Susan Weissman, professor of Politics

    A Knife in Clear Water and other Stories (2012) / by Shi Shuqing and others; translated by Vivian H. Zhang. Vivian Zhang is a professor in the Modern Languages department.

    Invasive plants of California's wildlands (2000) / edited by Carla C. Bossard, John M. Randall, and Marc C. Hoshovsky. Carla Bossard is a professor of Biology.

    Invasion Ecology (2007) / Julie Lockwood, Martha F. Hoopes, Michael P. Marchetti. Michael Marchetti is a professor of Biology.

    Introduction to library public services (2009) / G. Edward Evans and Thomas L. Carter. Thomas Carter is the former director of the St. Albert Hall Library at SMC.

    In Time's Rift : poems = Im Zeitspalt (2012) / Ernst Meister; translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick. Graham Foust is a professor with the English department.

    Human ecology economics : a new framework for global sustainability (2008) / edited by Roy E. Allen. Professor Allen is with the Economics department.

    Here comes everybody : Catholic studies in American higher education (2009) / edited and introduced by William C. Graham. David Gentry-Aiken, professor of Theology and Religious Studies, published a chapter entitled "Catholic studies programs : catalysts for reviving the Catholic intellectual tradition in higher education"

    Hanging together : unity and diversity in American culture (2001) / John Higham ; edited by Carl J. Guarneri. Carl Guarneri is a professor of History.