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Clutter Busters!

The tools and tips to help you kick clutter to the curb!

Kids and clutter: How to deal with it

Conquer Clutter and Get Organized for the New Year! Great article by Certified Professional Organizer Diane Albright

10 Foolproof Ways to Reduce Clutter

FANTASTIC! Decrease Clutter By Creating A Permanent Station For Transient Items #organizational #love

Canning Jar & Votive Holder storage container

I have too much stuff.

  • JumpStart Organizing - Donna Jumper

    There has to be more than 10.

  • Trish Barron

    i don't replace items (toothpaste,mayo,example) till i run out because you can scrape the jar or cut the tube at the collar. making a grocery list really cuts down on extras the can get pushed to back of cabinets. another thing to think about if you have lots of clutter are pests. too many clothes in closet? spiders are hiders. so if you dont wear it get rid of the potential problems. also if i can't get to something easily to clean or dust it, i put it off. i am trying to rectify that. i also inherited lots of family stuff. furniture, dishes, collectables, you name it i was keeper of the flame. one day i asked my self would i have gone out and bought this. if i said no i asked my grown kids did they want it ,if no, i let it go. i did keep a lot, but never missed the other. i fight the ongoing battle every day.

Cute storage for a small kitchen: These small shadow boxes come unfinished in sets of two. Use wood glue or nails to add a length of spindle railing along the bottom, and then paint each piece.

magnetic strip on inside of vanity door for bobby pins, barrettes, etc.

Organizing with jelly jars

An easy way to store and organize ribbon! Thanks Colette!

  • Danielle Wright

    Essential in my house. Keeps all my tax info together. I've got report cards from the beginning of time to kingdom come!

Great idea for re-using to get rid of jewelry clutter!

Great reason and inspiration for why we organize!