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Tone up those triceps with our 30 Day Tricep Challenge! #triceps #workout #fitnesschallenge

30 Day Tricep Challenge

Work your glutes, quads and hamstrings with Step Up to Step Back Lounge. #training #drills #nike

Nike Free TR 3 Breathe

Ladies: Do your pull-ups! Here's how to begin...

Want to get your first pull-up? Here’s how.

Victoria's Secret Butt Workout. Love this one.

Take Your Butt From Flat to Full With These 11 Moves

The 16 Best Shoulder Exercises To Destroy Your Delts And Carve Out Major Definition

Hold this position for 20 seconds. Works your triceps like no other

Burn, Baby, Burn: The Metabolism-Boosting Superset Workout

Leg Workout! What a great workout..wish i had a treadmill...X

8 minute yoga right before bed for better sleep

Butt workout. Ouch, looks painful.

Pilates Row 1. Sit on the floor with legs extended, and wrap the band around your left foot. Hold the handles so your palms face the floor and are above your knees at chest height. Tilt back your upper body a few inches. 2. Raise your left foot, then pull back your right arm, keeping a bend in the elbow. That's one rep. Do 10, and switch sides.

Looking to flatten your abs and/or beef up your backside? Do the Weighted Glute Bridge — it's a powerful, underutilized move that isolates the glutes and helps carve out a flat, compressed core.

Get Summer ready arms with this Summer Arms Challenge! #skinnyms #summer #arms

Summer Arms Challenge - Seven Day Arm Workout Routine for Women

Boxing workouts for women- my boxing classes are my fav part of the week!! -S

Build Marisa Miller caliber abs with this brand new, challenging abs workout plan.

Target your entire arm with these multitasking workout tips from personal trainer Hannah Davis from Body by Hannah.

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7 Types of Squats You Should Be Doing

7 Squat Variations You NEED to Try

Spiderman push-ups - Kill the love handles. woah.

Spiderman Pushups

8 moves for flat stomach and tight butt and noooo love handles

tight cheeks workout... butt & abs

If you want a fuller, perkier butt, here's your dead simple 7-exercise circuit to make it happen. Do it for 1 month and you'll see big change.

5 moves that will get you the best ass, demonstrated by Jen Selter

I don't know about doing this routine every other day, because your glutes & legs are such big muscles..they need more time to recover, but this is a great routine.

posture stretches! also helps you correct your lower belly pooch! This seriously makes you feel soooo good.