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Caroline Velik's easy Portuguese tarts. Photo: Marina Oliphant

Caroline Velik recipes for Epicure. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Food preparation and styling by Caroline Velik, plate and Missoni material from Safari Living, MUST CREDIT.

Jeremy and Jane Strode's lamb, white bean and marjoram casserole. Photo: Marco Del Grande

A goat's shoulder is also a beautiful match for this lamb, white bean and marjoram casserole (recipe here).

Jane and Jeremy Strode's pumpkin and goats cheese tart. Photo: Quentin Jones

When baking a tart with a runny filling, place the tart shell in the oven and then use a small jug to pour in the filling to prevent any spills.

Caroline Velik's granola with yoghurt and blueberries. Photo: Marina Oliphant

Caroline Velik's granola with yoghurt and blueberries.

Jill Dupleix's breakfast frittata. Photo: Jennifer Soo

Tuck this frittata, still-warm, into a heated English muffin or bagel and serve in bed.