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Fact-loving Class Warrior

Fact-loving Class Warrior

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The Cornucopia Institute. Organic food ratings.

Cornucopia Institute - Economic Justice for Family Scale Farming

THIS FACE. The pride! Navy pins first female four-star admiral | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour

Cool photo series.

Excellent, sober talk on our relationship with Israel and Iran by Ray McGovern.

This is what journalism looks like. Banker left Speechless by Irish Journalist

Race Didn't Cost Abigail Fisher Her Spot at the University of Texas - Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pro Publica - The Atlantic Wire


Mitt Romney caught on "hidden camera". After the first 10 minutes of him doing his on air Romney-bot schtick, he turns into actually a natural guy, someone who I would totally have over for dinner. And vote against vehemently, still!

10 Questions to Help Determine if Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened | Alternet

Tea Party Activist reiterates her misunderstanding of "leading from behind" concept only a few seconds after the correct definition of it is explained to her.

Chaos on the Convention Floor as RNC Blocks Ron Paul Delegates, Alters Seating Rules, starts at 97:50.

Chris Matthews evicerates RNC Chair, showing his colleagues what a journalist looks like.

Michael D Higgins v Michael Graham, Irish president pulls no punches, I see. How fun!

The Affordable Care Act Becomes Law

The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality

  • Megan Stelzer
    Megan Stelzer

    Really worth the time, this video gives a super thorough rebuttal to traditional biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin.

Isaac Asimov

Such an awesomely well drawn and written explanation of why rich people need to stop saying these things.

This right here is why a faith-based person shouldn't use that angle. Having personal faith isn't wrong, but that argument is irrelevant.

Not one to actually check facts before he starts a show, Rush Limbaugh performed another hilarious monologue about how Sandra Fluke must be a slut if she needs birth control. Also that women who get their contraception covered by insurance should be required to record and show sex tapes of themselves. Hahahaha!

One cop's quest to prove that his precinct was enforcing quotas, making illegal arrests, and underclassifying violent crimes. Great guy, super brave. I wish there were more of him on the force. His story is Part 2 on this link.

The venerable Bernie Sanders, speaking the truth.

I know this issue is more complicated than this graphic, but it makes its point very well.

No proven facts here, but a ton of great questions. This is exactly how I've been thinking lately (though I still can't support Ron Paul).

Super eloquent explanation of why the religious shouldn't be able to force their views on the people of a democracy.