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Mrs. Swanson's Kindergarten Blog - PM: Tricky Teen Numbers

Mrs. Swanson's Kindergarten Blog - PM: Tricky Teen Numbers


Tricky Teens Number Book --- Teen Numbers 11-20 --- Draw, Write and Eat!

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Learn to count from 11 to 19 by 'grabbing a 10!' This catchy #counting #song helps your child count the tricky teens quickly. #numbers #math #kids #brainzy

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Number Playdough Mats with Ten Frames (from A Differentiated Kindergarten) This seems like a really fun activity that could be used for math during community workers unit. If you use different community workers cars for different numbers and make each of them fun to look at and interesting to the students. Plus what kids kindergarten aged wouldn't love to work with playdough.

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Use pool noodles for place value. Then, students can use colored straws to make own numbers and glue them down.

First Grade Fairytales: September 2012


Ten Frame

Rowdy in Room 300: Hip hip horray! A freebie and a giveaway!


Common core place value K-1, numbers 11 to 19, number chains and what to do with them!

My Mommy Reads: Teacher Action

  • Vicky Fox
    Vicky Fox

    Excellent idea, I'm going to use it for number bonds. Thank you

  • Michelle Matilainen
    Michelle Matilainen

    Common core is just wrong!!!!

  • Sarah Worthington
    Sarah Worthington

    Very cool way to visualize

  • Christine T
    Christine T

    Could use the same idea to represent multiplication

place value bean sticks and a freebie

Criss-Cross Applesauce: Place Value Bean Sticks and a Freebie!


Ten Frame Freebie!

Ten Frame Freebie!

  • Melissa Joseph
    Melissa Joseph


Numbers 11-20 Practice

Numbers 11-20 Practice


FREEBIE Ten-frame mat

First Grade and Fabulous: Bushels of Fun (with Apples)


Teen Numbers: Egg carton with teen numbers. Shake a pompom in the closed carton. Build whatever number the pompom lands on with unifix cubes.@ Learn with Play at Home

Egg Carton Maths. Toddlers to School Age


One to one correspondence using play-doh.

Warm-Ups: Counting - Kindergarten Kindergarten


Christinas Kinder Blossoms: Place Value (K.NBT 1)

Christina's Kinder Blossoms: Place Value (K.NBT 1)


Numbers in the Teens (Have a group of TEN!) (Place-value song for kids)

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What Number Is It? Number Identification 1-20 (English) $

Number Identification 1-20: What Number Is It? (English)


ten frame center

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Intervention and Valentines


Teen Numbers & Place Value Fun. I love the interactive games links.

Little Minds at Work: Teen Numbers & Place Value Fun!


How many more with ten frames and teen numbers

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Numbers 1-20 Bingo - featuring Numbers in the Teens # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Numbers 1-20 Bingo - featuring Numbers in the Teens


Teen numbers - picture used as part of Under the Sea topic. The 10 fish on the left are stuck to the picture. The fish on the right are movable. Children work out how many fish there are and use number fans to show their answer. Class checks by counting altogether - put the 10 in their heads and count on from 10. The numeral cards work like arrow cards to show how the teen number is written and to show what the 2 digits actually mean.

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K.NBT.1 Common Core Standard This file has posters for numbers10-19. On each poster, the 1 ten is represented by the ten rod. As students experie...

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Teen Number Bingo...Common Core Math Standard K.NBT.1 and 1.NBT.2 Can be used for centers/stations/tubs, partner games, or small group practice. It includes 24 different variations of the bingo card!

Teen Number Bingo


How to make a Montessori "teen" board (Adding 10+ n = teen number) >>Take it further by adding 10 to other double digit numbers. Could make multiple sets for centers out of index cards.

Montessori Teen Board … on the fly-A Handmade Childhood


This is a great game for small group in math stations. Students color in teen numbers after matching them to cards on 20 frames. Great for identi...

Math Number Game for Teens (11-19)

  • Maggie

    Thank you for the great idea!