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bridesmaid hair

ПАРИКМАХЕРСКАЯ "ЧАРОДЕЙКА" » BeesBuzz - Réunir pour s'épanouir

For outside parties, bury glowsticks in the ice.

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Rehearsal dress

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Rehearsal dress $79

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* Who is older? * Who has more siblings? * When you first met, who made the first move? * Who is the better driver? * Who has been in more car accidents? * Who studied the hardest in school? * Who got better grades in school? * Who is smarter? * Who is more creative? * Who is better at keeping surprises? * Who will be doing the cooking? * Who is more adventurous? * Who is more likely to get injured? * Who is more likely to get sunburned? * Who is more likely to be ... Cute rehearsal dinner game idea!

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Flower girl ring. Too cute. A little girl would love this!

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Absolutely LOVE this flower girl dress!!

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Electric Coral Matte! This would be pretty in the summer with a tan

grape fizz nails: Giveaway! (Now closed)

No jackets. Just rolled up sleeves and vests.

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  • Karen Kroush
    Karen Kroush

    love the dress

White Peonies

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  • mary Gibson
    mary Gibson


Cute way to serve chips at a cookout. Use scalloped scissors to cut top off brown paper bag and embellish with rubber stamp. Like it!

San Ysidro Ranch Wedding by Jen Rodriguez Photography | Photos

Groom's cake

Here’s to the Groom
  • Berry Patch Bed and Breakfast
    Berry Patch Bed and Breakfast

    Great idea I plan on doing this for my son in thanks

Instead of programs...

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Mason jar with inverted cupcake liner as lid - punch a straw through to drink

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barn + outdoor dance floor = LOVE

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love bird cake topper

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Birch Bird Cake Topper

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DIY Flower Ideas, Wedding Flowers, Wedding flower

DIY Flower Ideas, Wedding Flowers, Wedding flower

Strung out Christmas lights. - Gorgeous and relatively inexpensive.

Settlers Creek Wedding Photography Coeur D Alene Idaho-85
  • Erica Hoover
    Erica Hoover

    @ Dana Stoy I actually already have this pinned :)

Laminate sepia pictures and put in mason jars of water

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  • Tina Phillips
    Tina Phillips

    I don't think you use water.. its veggie oil


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Use a flannel shirt as a jacket when it gets cold at an outdoor/country wedding. Genius (or maybe even camo)

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Cute pose for Flower girl and Ring Bear

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  • Leslie Alonzo
    Leslie Alonzo


So cute!

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  • Olivia Clark
    Olivia Clark

    Seriously what the heck it won't let me tag people

  • Alicia Bowen
    Alicia Bowen

    Yeah... really cute except her leg... she might need someone to call 9-1-1...

  • Olivia Clark
    Olivia Clark

    D: yeah

  • Shannon Lynch
    Shannon Lynch

    Photoshopped leg??

  • Alexis Alexander
    Alexis Alexander

    Her leg???

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