Drottningholm Palace Stockholm

Things to do in Stockholm, Sweden

Drottningholm Palace interior

A room at the Drottningholm Palace, Sweden. Shows the royal colours of blue and gold. This is Hedvig Eleonora's state bedchamber, which was the heart of the state reception suite in the

Royal Opera House

Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm, Sweden, 2008 (Met someone this week who said she could get me tickets.note to self, don't lose that email address!

The Nordiska Museet

Exhibition on the home, clothes and fashion, customs and traditions uncovering daily life in Sweden through the ages. Visiting address: Nordiska museet is situated on Djurgården, next to Djurgården bridge.

Tre Kronor Museum

The castle Three Crownes by Lars Agger. The Tre Kronor Museum

City Hall Stockholm

The Golden Room, City Hall Stockholm


café/bakery and shop ROSENDALS , produce grown in the organic garden. location: rosendalsterrassen on the island of Djurgården. ferries to the island are frequent.