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10 Choices You will Regret in 10 Years (written for people in their twenties, but relevant to all ages)

Never thought I'd see this again; let alone find it on Pinterest....lived off of this when I was in Boston!  Boston subway map

Official Map: MBTA Rapid Transit/Key Bus Routes Map – Boston, Massachusetts I haven’t really looked at the Boston MBTA map since I was there for a few days in the middle of but I certainly don’t.

Dupont Circle Metro Station, Washington D.C. [when you're actually standing in front of this the incline is INSANE and about 188 feet long].

The building sits atop the Dupont Circle Metro Station South. This is the view of the Metro exit from the bottom of the escalator up toward street level.

next time's tour // A Subway Map of All the Best Coffee Shops In NYC

A Subway Map of All the Best Coffee Shops In NYC

New York’s Best Coffee Shops Arranged By Subway Map: New York Coffee Map can lead you in the right direction for a quality cup of Joe.

New York Subway performer      ......rh

New York Subway performer the only thing I miss about the subways!