More ideas from Lola

It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax. So cute!

Shower hooks for purse organization. This may be just the thing I need!

Shower Curtain Hooks for Purses and Totes. Shower curtain hooks are perfect for holding spare purses and totes. Just hang the hooks on your closet rod and then attach the purses that you need to store.

Gotta try

Reuse the top of a drink bottle to close bags securely. Cut the top of the bottle off. Unscrew the lid and pull the top of the bag through the hole and fold back down over the outside of the bottle top. Screw the lid back on for a securely closed bag.

In my perfect world I would live in a cute little house and live with my cute little westie :)

If ever I got a small dog, it would be a West Highland White Terrier.