When you are looking for such plants choose that are known for their ability to grow in indirect sunlight. They are ideal shade-loving plants, naturally growing in indirect sun. These plants adapts well to the smaller amount of light and thrives normally. To make your searching easier we've listed 17 best plants to grow indoors.

17 Best Plants to Grow Indoors without Sunlight

Easy to maintain house plants: MAIDENHAIR FERN- Don't have much bright sunlight in your apartment? Neither does the forest floor, so -- lucky for you! -- many low-growing plants, like this maidenhair fern, can thrive without much direct light.

How to grow African Violets.

24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants Find fragrance and beauty in flowering houseplants. The blooming beauties described in this slide show will help you find the best ones for your home

African Violet.

African Violets Care, Maintenance & Propagation African Violets often have a reputation for being difficult to grow and care for however, with a few simple tips these houseplants are fairly easily propagated, cultivated and easily maintained.