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Music from Haiti

Music from Haiti

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Tanbou drum. Image via:

Bonga - Master Haitian Drummer

Konpayi, Michelle Martin's Haitian folkloric group. Photo by Annie Martin.

'Haiti!': CubaCaribe spotlights dance

Port-au-Prince, before the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Map of Haiti showing the capital, Port-Au-Prince.

Haitiana by Frantz Casséus and Barbara Perlow

Haitian Piano by Fabre Duroseau Hailing from a highly respected musical family, Haitian pianist Fabre Duroseau delights with the pianistic flourishes of méringue-s composed by himself and his brothers. The Haitian méringue (a distinct form from the Dominican merengue) may have emerged during the days of colonial slavery and likely contributed to the evolution of jazz.

Haitian Folk Songs by Frantz Casséus and Lolita Cuevas - Puerto Rican-born, Haitian-bred vocalist Lolita Cuevas and Haitian guitarist and composer Frantz Casseus lyrically come together in rendering some of the most beautiful folk songs of Haiti. Arranged by Casseus, these songs are presented as lullabies and méringue de salon, a slow and stately dance of Haiti’s past (which evolved into the faster méringue).

Haitian Dances by Frantz Casséus - Haitian guitarist and composer Frantz Casseus charged himself with the mission of building a repertoire for guitar blending Haitian folk music and European classical music, much as Villa Lobos had done for music in Brazil. The result, while largely overlooked, is as tantalizing as flamenco and possesses an unparalleled lyrical beauty.

Smithsonian Folkways - Haitian Dances - Frantz Casséus

Creole Songs of Haiti by Various Artists - This recording combines vocal interpretations of Vodou (an Afro-Haitian religion) ceremonial songs and popular secular melodies by legendary Haitian singer, dancer and folklorist Emerante de Pradines and the all-male folklorique chorus Michele Dejan Group.

Smithsonian Folkways - Creole Songs of Haiti - Various Artists

André Charles and His Quisqueya Ibo Combo Group (Haiti) - Haitian vocalist and composer André Charles was a Romantic who thoroughly appreciated “Une femme qui belle” (“a beautiful woman”). Songs composed for the Port-au-Prince-based Ibo Combo, popular during the 1970s, are nostalgic tributes to “le Belle Bagaille” (“Beautiful Thing”) that nod to peyizan (peasant) folk practices.

Uncle Bouqui of Haiti: By Harold Courlander by Augusta Baker - Augusta Baker, storyteller and proponent of children’s literature, reads three of the Haitian folktales transcribed by Harold Courlander in his eponymously-titled book, including "Uncle Bouqui Gets Whee-Ai," "Uncle Bouqui Rents a Horse" and "Uncle Bouqui and Godfather Malice." These imaginative and mischievous tales are ideal for children.

Tiroro – The Haitian Drummer by Tiroro - Master drummer Tiroro performs traditional rhythms of Haitian vodou on a single drum, manipulating the drum into producing multiple pitches and timbres. This dynamic recording primarily consists of intricate drumming patterns, although Tiroro occasionally adds a line of chant above his own drumming.

Saving Haiti's Heritage by Richard Kurin - The Haiti Cultural Recovery Project sought to rescue, recover, safeguard, and help restore Haiti‘s cultural heritage in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake. This book documents that effort.

Rhythms of Rapture: Sacred Musics of Haitian Vodou by Various Artists - . Cuts from live Vodou ceremonies are juxtaposed with performances by well-known Haitian artists, such as Boukman Experyans, RaRa Machine, Boukan Ginen and RAM.

Music of Haiti: Vol. 3, Songs and Dances of Haiti by Various Artists - The third volume of Harold Courlander's series includes music from the Ayida Group, a blind troubadour and the Jazz Majestic among others.

Music of Haiti: Vol. 2, Drums of Haiti by Various Artists - Folklorist, ethnographer and ethnomusicologist Harold Courlander, known for his important early work documenting the “vast unwritten literature, dances, music” of the Haitian peasants, released these field recordings from the mountain villages of Haiti before nearly any other recordings were available.

Music of Haiti: Vol. 1, Folk Music of Haiti by Various Artists - The intricate ritual drumming and chanting of Haiti is often said to be the best preservation of the African Congo, Dahomey and Ibo musical traditions from the pre-slave era in the world (even in comparison to the musical practices of these African regions now).