I will eventually own one of these! The Magic Volkswagen Bus - The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin The Beatles...

The Magic Volkswagen Bus - The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin The Beatles. My dream car is a VW van in pristine condition. The color I want it to be changes everyday.

AC/DC es un grupo de hard rock con alternaciones de blues rock, formado en Sídney, Australia, en 1973, por los hermanos de origen escocés, Malcolm y Angus Young.

26 Things That Will Make Your Brovaries Explode

Little girl with an AC/DC shirt! Somebody instilled rock and roll early in the game. My children will be raised on rock music.

Joan Jett. #music #rockerchick http://www.pinterest.com/TheHitman14/musician-female-faves/

Women Who Rock: In the Pages of

Guitarist vocalist for the Runaways; Later lead vocalist for Joan Jett the Blackhearts. 87 on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time)

aerosmith. more specifically, steven tyler:)

Many famous artists started their careers at church. Steven Victor Tallarico (Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) began his career in music by singing at a Presbyterian church choir in the Bronx.

Música sempre traz inspiração ...álbuns clássicos do blues e do rock sempre ajudam a pensar e criar

alguns discos de rock e blues que são fundamentais (parte 1 de 3)

AMAZING!!!  I enjoyed yesterday so much!!!   Today, is also a step back in time to Aunt Bessie's House....

BEWARE: Description is long (due to list of band names) Here is the Keep Calm and Rock On wallpaper. Containing over 100 Rock and Metal band logos! Keep Calm, Rock On Wallpaper

And now i'm being talked into listening to some country?

This is no joke if u listen to sad music you are sad if you listen to super loud music you are normally mad etc. but lastly if you listen to good Christian music you are happy and a Christian

Rock and Roll   poster for decoration

Evolution of Rock Concert Audience. Reminds me of you since you go to concerts all the time . Funny how it changes over the years, ayyye?