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Check out this printable fairy clock idea!

Making your own clock is easier than you might think! Today we are sharing a darling Fairy House clock that you can print, color and add a clock kit to!

Now who is racist?

The public only knew about the Trayvon Martin case because it was a "white on black hate" crime. Nobody knows about a "black on white hate" crime because that would be racist

98% of white people were too poor to own slaves.

Besides the fact that there were white slaves in the USA during the same time AND the first slave owner was a black man. it is an uncomfortable truth.

Canning Jars 101 - Everything You Need To Know and More! via

Canning jars, also called Mason Jars, have a long and colorful history. If you collect, hoard or just love mason jars, learn more in Canning Jars

good RV kitchen storage ideas.

Large mug hooks for our coffee mugs. 6 inches int between hooks will keep them from clanging together when driving. They have never fallen - even when we (accidently) jumped a curb!