Sewing together French antique insertions lace with pentuck in English netting by Mela Wilson Heirloom Children's Clothing.

How to make entredeux with your sewing machine! What a cost saver, and you can make any color. I love it.

in each hole

ribbon carrier

lace 1

roll, whip & apply lace in one simple step!

Lace insertion tutorial #heirloom #sewing

The Debbie Glen way to gather lace. Big difference! Can't wait to try it, Thanks!

The Old Fashioned Baby Sewing Room: Lessons by Jeannie

how to sew insertion lace

Excellent two part pin-stitch tutorial

The trick of sewing lace to lace completes many outfits.

heirloom sewing techniques video, with links to 4 other videos in the series

Lace insertion sewing tutorial by; Sewing Journal. For that special heirloom feel for baby, children or doll clothes.

roll, whip & apply lace in one simple step!

Stitching lace insertion to fabric is the first technique that we learn when I teach heirloom sewing by machine. This is not a strong application of lace and best used on collars, yokes, or sleeves. Lace insertion is the lace that is straight on both edges. If one side of the lace feels rougher than the other, this is the wrong side of the lace. I have used a contrasting color thread for the photos. Use a fine machine thread that matches the lace and a 60/8 size machine needle.

Attaching Laces to Each Other & Gathering Lace

Adding lace edging to a collar, by Michie

antique French embroidered net and lace baby dress (robe de bébé) ... ca. 1915 vintage baby dress

The Old Fashioned Baby Sewing Room: Entredeux to Fabric- The Old Fashioned Method-Wrap entredeux allowance around fabric raw edge; running stitch by hand WOW

tiny tucks tutorial

french heirloom sundress tutorial

bridging tips/tutorial

Make Your Own Entredeux with Charlene Phillips

Apply Lace & Pin Stitch Tutorial