Dahlia // Melanie Schmidt, Germany 2010

Dahlia // Melanie Schmidt, Germany 2010 Wouldn't it be cool to print a bunch of flowers on blocks of fabric and make a quilt with

Red Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding heart plant is a native of the Asian continent and the other name is Dicentra spectabilis. This is an old-fashioned herbaceous plant, which is perennial in nature. It is famous for the unusual heart shaped flowers and has beautiful foliage.

Powder Puff LillyPilly - flowers around September. A beautiful rainforest shrub which is endemic to the Wet Tropics area and is found from Ingham to Cooktown.

Powder Puff LillyPilly (Syzygium wilsonii) Flowers around September. A beautiful rainforest shrub. Endemic from Ingham to Cooktown in Qld, Australia.

Leptospermum minutifolium #4 | Best viewed @ large size Myrt… | Flickr

Most species are endemic to Australia, but some species grow in New Zealand,Malaysia. A shrub or small tree, early settlers soaked the leaves in boiling water to make a brewed tea rich in ascorbic acid (vit C).

➶ The Spring Season ☔️ {everything Spring} ☔️ Pink Double Hollyhock - Hollyhocks are usually biennials yet can become perennials in colder areas.


Beautiful Flower Wallpaper: Wallpapers make your otherwise boring desktop screens come alive.

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Candy Stripe Cosmos

Candy Stripe Cosmos: All cosmos are fabulous annuals that always re-seed the next year, and bloom their selves crazy until frost! Delightfully airy, fern-leafed, and tall. depending on variety. Need little water and full sun!


Photos - Flowers - Protea Aristata - Love the beautiful hot pink bloom and unique pine-like foliage!

Dendrobium bensoniae

Dendrobium bensoniae

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