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Such a pretty color chicken (I think it's a chicken - What do I know about chickens?!?!).

The Most Amazing Thing Happened When Our Horse Discovered A Kiddie Pool! | PetFlow Blog - The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

A Jack Russell Climbs Unto A Miniature Horse Then The Unthinkable Happens!!!

A Jack Russell Climbs Unto a Miniature Horse. Then, The Unthinkable Happens!

DIY chicken water and feeder from 5-gallon buckets Only $1 EACH!! The ones at the feed store this size are 50-60 | handmade27.blogsp...

Gorgeous Quarter Horse

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Konie achał-tekińskie

If you need a heart warming moment on a not so happy day! You can't help but looking at these animals and feeling the love! Actually is scientifically proven that when looking at animals the same pleasure producing hormones are basically you can't look at these pictures and not be happy!

Super Cute Animals Showing Affection

CHICK waterer or quarantine waterer! NEVER KNOW when you need to throw one together in a pinch like I did when hen had bumblefoot!!!

Homemade Chick Waterers

Aww black Frenchie I cannot resist those ears! Again not a wheaten but soooo cute. Love those ears and that face.

How about a three-diamond engagement ring? Here is our jaw-dropper Venetian-5013P

Enjoy the convenience of food, leash, and toy storage, plus a feeding station, all in one!

Raising Chickens - this is a great site

Mane pulling can be a hefty undertaking if not done regularly, so try to pull your horse’s mane frequently to keep the job a fairly easy one. Always pull after you’ve ridden or exercised your horse, as exercise helps to open his pores and makes it easier to pull the mane. Pull just a few hairs at a time, and if there is much work to be done on your horse’s mane then tackle it in sections over a period of a few days to make the job easier on both of you.

How To Groom A Shih Tzu-Trim The Dog's Face-Cut Around Eyes on Flat Face Dog

How to Groom Your Shih Tzu: The Shih Tzu is a small dog originally from China. They are sturdy dogs with long tails and little ears. They are known as frisky dogs that are happy and have lots of character. They have lots of hair that can become easily matted and collect a lot of dirt. A Shih Tzu requires lots of grooming which can be accomplished at the groomer or at home. By being diligent about grooming on a regular basis, you can avoid any serious mats.

First Aid for Dogs (Pet Care) « Library User Group- Good to know

That's cute! western pony:) this is actually a pretty palamino

litter train a Guinea pig

Scottish Highland Cattle ♥ These hearty cattle are the "miniatures" of the bovine world. They are wonderful milk producers, friendly and provide good meat. They are also perfect for the small farm as they grow no taller than 4 ft.

Easy DIY Chicken Waterer

Lamb and daffodils...

Valais black nosed sheep. why. why are these so oddly adorable?

Country sweet is this....