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Weight Loss Smoothies

Weight Loss Smoothies

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Today was one of those days where my schedule was jam packed and I needed something that would sustain and energize me all day. Cue the superfood smoothie! I am a huge fan of superfoods and they definately add a little fun and variety into my lifestyle. They are also great for providing that extra umph when you need it!

Superfood Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss - Linda Wagner


Blood Orange Superfood Smoothie If you have been around here before, you know that I believe smoothies have been the biggest contributor to my significant weight loss to-date. I drink a smoothie every morning and love the energy the smoothies give me and the weight loss benefits as well.

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When people's lives get busy, sometimes it's hard to find time to cook a regular meal. That's why a lot of people turn to quick smoothies, particularly on rushed mornings, for a refreshing and portable meal replacement.

Going Vegan: It's tasty, it's healthy, its a ... super smoothie


Want a sneaky weight-loss trick? Go thick. Thick smoothies will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than thinner drinks with the same amount of calories, reports a new study in the journal Flavour.

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1. Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

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Weight loss smoothies have impacted my life in so many ways. I had gained 65 pounds from my first pregnancy on my "organic" processed food diet. My self-esteem and confidence was crumbling around me. My energy levels ran on low even though I am in my twenties.

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Paleo, or Paleolithic diets have become increasingly popular especially for weight loss. The basic premise is that human bodies have not sufficiently adapted to eating foods that weren’t available some 10,000 years ago. More than 70% of food available today was not available in Paleolitic times. It’s no secret that humans, Americans in particular, consume a lot of processed food with additives and preservatives that just can’t be good for the body, especially in large quantities.

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Fat burning smoothies for pregnancy weight loss when you want to follow a healthy eating plan and lose tummy fat. Quick, easy and nutritious these are perfect the busy mum who want to lose weight

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