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Orthodox Icon Art

Orthodox Icon Art

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St Francis of Assisi

Orthodox Christian Saint

Pantocrator, St. Catherine's - Mt. Sinai, 6th century

Why is it that much is said and written about the sufferings of holy men and holy women? Because the saints, alone, are considered victors. Can anyone be a victor without conflict, pain and suffering? In ordinary earthly combat, no one can be considered victorious nor heroic who has not been in combat tortured much or suffered greatly. ... - St. Nikolaj Velimirovic in “The Prolog from Ohrid”

St. Seraphim helped people in many ways. When the people thanked him for what he had done, he told them: "Do not thank me; I am only the servant of Jesus Christ." He also said "Acquire the Spirit of Peace and thousands around you will be saved."

Christ walking on the water

Vacationtravelogue Shopping

Theotokos #Orthodox #Christian #icon

Сергей Ефошкин. Преподобный Сергий. Благословение отрока Варфоломея. #Russian #Orthodox #art

Святые Петр и Феврония, Муромские чудотворцы

Exaltation of the Precious and Life-creating Cross / Воздвижение Честного и Животворящего Креста Господня. #Orthodox #icon

Mater Misericordiae A painting of the miraculous icon of the Mother of Mercy, venerated in the chapel above the Gate of Dawn (Aušros Vartai) in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The image is venerated worldwide by Lithuanian and Polish Catholics. In Poland it is known as the ‘Matki Boskiej Ostrobramskiej’, or Our Lady of Ostra Brama. The Russian Orthodox Church also acknowledges the image as miraculous. Reblogged: allaboutmary

Antique Russian Silver-Gilt and Cloisonne Enamel Icon Moscow, Russia 1908-1917 A very fine Russian Icon of St. John Chrysostom (golden mouthed) known in the Russian Orthodox Church as Ioan Zlatoust, archbishop of Constantinople, was an important Early Church Father (c. 347–407).

Orthodox Arts Journal - first online journal of its kind that specifically focuses on the whole of traditional arts in the Orthodox Church. Above. The Theotokos of the Don Egg tempera panel icon with natural pigments (including ochres from the Forest of Dean in England and Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan) and 24 carat gold, 2011

An icon is a representation of holy figures in the Orthodox Christian tradition. The icon has a deep theological meaning that differentiates it from the holy picture. The icon is fully integrated into the orthodox catechesis but also in the Eastern Catholic Churches which have preserved the tradition of the icon.

John the Baptist #Russian #Orthodox #icon Иоанн Предтеча Примечание: Конец 60-х - начало 70-х годов XVI века. Ярославль.

Pilate's wife, Saint Procla (right), in a Greek Orthodox icon

St. John the Forerunner. Russian Orthodox Icon. Hand Painted by Bulgarian artist

Икона Божией Матери Боголюбская #Russian #Orthodox #icon

Gilt Metal Religious Painted Christian Russian Jesus Orthodox Icon

Orthodox Bulgarian icon of St. George fighting the dragon

A popular print of an Orthodox icon.

IcSMaryMagd3 - Orthodox St. Mary Magdalene Icon

the raising of Lazarus #orthodox #icon

Стефан Комельский #Orthodox #Christian #saint #icon