stay in a tree house in Cave Juction Oregon

Stay in a tree house in Cave Juction, Oregon. Cave Junction is located in the Siskiyou Mountain Range of Southwest Oregon.

The Blue Heart diamond is 30.82 carats.  Lives at the Smithsonian.

The Blue Heart Diamond Ring. This carat heart-shaped, brilliant cut blue diamond was faceted by French jeweler Atanik Eknayan of Paris in from a carat piece of rough. The stone was purchased by the French jeweler, Pierre Cartier in

Lombard St. SF

The Crookedest Street in the World, Lombard Street, San Francisco. When we would visit my Uncle who lived in the middle of downtown San Francisco my Dad would take us down this road.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake and Wizard Island, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA Photographic Print by © Roberto Soncin Gerometta

Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty

Visit Ellis Island, and go to the top of the Statue of Liberty - June can not come soon enough! I LOVE THIS LADY!

Our nation's capital, Washington, DC.

Our whole family enjoyed touring the Nations capital on The Pampered Chef.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake is a caldera lake in the Crater Lake National Park (Oregon, USA). It's known for water clarity and a deep blue color. Crater Lake partly fills a deep caldera which was formed ages ago by the collapse of the Mount Mazama volcano.

Ellis Island

Destinations to watch in 2013

Ellis Island NY: the history here is so amazing, I traced my family that came here on the map with signitures and felt closer to my ancestors more than ever, fantastic family tree journey.