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Whether it's MG, YA, adult crossover, fiction or nonfiction, I love a book that surprises me. NOTE: Although I may be best known for fantasy and SF, I've acquired and edited books across all genres and ages.
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Twisted - Laurie Halse Anderson AMAZING from a boys view! this book is good but Its was a bit upsetting to me how this boy was treated and accusations around this kid and how he stays very positive amazed me.

The Hostage Prince (The Seelie Wars, #1)

The Hostage Prince (The Seelie Wars, by Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple

Once Upon a Midnight Eerie (The Misadventures of Edgar & Allan Poe, #2)

Gordon McAlpine - Once Upon a Midnight Eerie: Book (The Misadventures of Edgar & Allan Poe, Band jetzt kaufen.

The Painted Boy

The Painted Boy by Charles De Lint. High-schooler Jay Li finds himself in the Arizona desert performing dangerous feats as part of his journey to prove himself a worthy member of the part human, part dragon Yellow Dragon Clan.

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

Affectionately dubbed "the Nigerian Harry Potter," Akata Witch weaves together a heart-pounding tale of magic, mystery, and finding one's place in.

The Golden Specific (Mapmakers Trilogy, book by S E Grove - book cover, description, publication history.

The Truth Commission | IndieBound

Open secrets are the heart of gossip -- the obvious things that no one is brave or tactless enough to ask. Except for Normandy Pale and her friends. They are juniors at a high school for artistsl,.

Funny Girl: Funniest. Stories. Ever.

"Funny Girl" by Betsy Bird. "Funny Girl is a collection of uproarious stories, rollicking comics, rib-tickling wit, and more, from 25 of today's funniest female writers for kids.

Keeping the Moon

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen (Grades 7 & up). Fifteen-year-old Colie, a former fat girl, spends the summer working as a waitress in a beachside restaurant, staying with her overweight and eccentric Aunt Mira, and trying to explore her sense of self.