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Hired Members

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Isaiah works at Marshalls! "The job search was challenging & frustrating at times, but it was all worth it. Snagajob sent me job openings every single day & I applied to the ones that interested me most. I got hired by making a simple phone call to follow up. I instantly was called in for an interview & hired on the spot. My advice to those still looking is keep applying yourself. Snagajob helps, but you play a part too. Remember to call or show your face at the company. Good luck."

Rebecca got a job! "I was looking for a job for months! Finally, I downloaded the Snagajob app on my phone. I started applying to 3-4 places a day. The best part is that Snagajob made it easy with their 1-step apply. I didn't spend all of my time applying to jobs. I got plenty of callbacks within the first 2 weeks of using the app, & now I've found a great job. Some advice for anyone who is looking for a job, DON'T GIVE UP! Snagajob makes it easy, so there's no excuse."

Patricia was hired! "I job searched for less than a month through Snagajob. I was putting in up to 12 applications a week. Finally, I got a call back. Not just 1 job offer, but 2 in less than a week! If I were to give you any advice. it would be do not simply put in apps expecting a call! You need to follow up. Ask if they received your application & if you can get an interview! That's how I got my first interview. Good luck, keep your head up and if you apply yourself you will have a job soon!"

Taylor was hired at Kohl's! "I spent three months unemployed until I found a job opening for Kohl's on Snagajob! Two weeks later, I was hired! Yay Snagajob!"

Marie landed a job at Chick-Fil-A! "I was a stay at home mom for 7 years, when I decided to step back out to the working world. I registered to a couple of other job search sites. After a couple of weeks with Snagajob, I found it easy to search for jobs and apply. Chick-Fil-A called 6 days after I applied & wanted to set up an interview the same day. The next day, I got the job. Thank you Snagajob for not letting me give up. :)"

Andrea got a job! "I started looking for a job as soon as I graduated high school. I was applying everywhere, asking businesses near me if they were hiring for almost a year. I got a couple interviews, but no job. My mom told me about Snagajob & I downloaded the app. Within a month, I had multiple interviews & was hired. I even had to turn down a job because they were flying at me! Snagajob made it easy to apply and search from my phone in no time. I couldn't have done it without Snagajob!"

Marisol snagged a job! "My job search with Snagajob was absolutely amazing! I simply searched for what I was interested in, and within a matter of seconds found what I was looking for. Snagajob provides one with all the information and tips needed to obtain a certain job. I've tried plenty of other sites before, but none can compare to Snagajob."

Khalilah was hired! "My job search was a long process for me because I'm used to having a job. The waiting for someone to call was crazy but it paid off in the end. I always searched on this website. This was the best job site because I got hired. I want to say thanks for the great job opportunities, through you I succeeded. For anyone looking for a good job, Snagajob is the website to look into. Someone will call just be patient. I did☺! Thanks Snagajob."

Renae landed a job! "I am an 18 year old with a few past jobs that were terrible. I went everywhere from fast food to fine dining. One day my instructor recommended me to sign up for Snagajob. I did so, & they provided me with personally selected job recommendations that would fit my preferences. Within a month, I found the perfect job. Now I'm 5 months in, loving every minute of it. There is nothing better than loving what you do & making great money. Good luck to those that are searching."

Courtney landed a job at Buffalo Wild Wings! "I was looking for a second job and was told to look on this website. I immediately found dozens of jobs I was interested in. I applied to the ones that I really could see myself in and the next day I got a call from the hiring manager for an interview! I would advise everyone to just look at every possible job opening and pick the ones best suited for you and your qualifications."

Brian snagged a job! "I was stressing looking for a job until I finally decided to use Snagajob. I got hired by just applying at many different places and giving them a call to see how the review towards my application was going. The advice I would give is to not stop looking. Snagajob is very helpful and gives many choices of work that would fit you."

Jol got a job! "My seasonal job ended & I quickly found myself in the middle of a job hunt. The first 2 months of being unemployed I went into stores to pick up applications & followed up later. I was getting nowhere. Then I found Snagajob. I was getting calls left & right and getting interviews almost every weekend. Then one day Great Wolf Lodge called me. I have worked there for over a month & I love it so much. Thank you Snagajob so much for your help getting a job! "

Anita works at McDonald's! "It was easy for me to gain interviews by submitting my applications on Snagajob's website. I got a lot of interviews and callbacks. Snagajob made it easy to keep track and manage my applications. I got two jobs since using this website. I got hired by being clean, respectful and very ambitious. My advice for future employees is to stay focused and ambitious. Don't let anyone be the reason you stop searching. Your YES is waiting to welcome you. Best wishes."

Hannah works at Kroger! "I was searching for a job for a few months by going into stores up until I started using Snagajob. On Snagajob, I found out my local Kroger was hiring. I sent in an application & was invited in for an interview within 3 days of applying. After a group interview & a 1-on-1 interview, I was hired on the spot! If I could give any advice to a friend, I would suggest Snagajob. I had no idea my Kroger was hiring until I found out on Snagajob's easy to use website."

Abigale was hired at Red Lobster! "I found Snagajob while looking for my first job. They sent me emails of all the job openings near me. I found a job listing & submitted my application. I heard back from them the next day! I got an interview & got the job! It was such an easy process & I found a job within a week. Most of my friends who didn't use Snagajob have been looking for over a month with no luck. I recommended this for them with great results. I'm very happy and recommend it greatly."

Karla is now working at Cracker Barrel! "I had given up on applying to more job openings. Then, that afternoon I got a call saying they had seen my application on They asked me to go apply again in person. When I went in, they interviewed me on the spot and I got the job! It was pretty amazing how I had just given up and then I got a job that exact same day!"

Katahnna was hired! "My job search wasn't hard at all. I love the Snagajob website. I filled out the application and they called me the same day. My interview was 2 days later and I started work 2 days after that. If you're looking for work, don't give up. Keep trying and everything will work out for you!"

Angela snagged a job at Safeway! "I am happy to say I am now a happy employee for Safeway. I got the job I wanted as a deli clerk. Snagajob has been really helpful in my job search. Thank you very much!"

Tonya found a job at Macy's! "Thanks to Snagajob I've received so many job offers I didn't know which one to pick. I finally decided on a warehouse job close to my house. Thanks so much. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!"

Brittany got hired! "I looked for a job for 9 months. I used other sites, but none even got me an interview. I started to feel discouraged.I saw Tuesday Morning was hiring and applied. The next day I got a call for a phone interview, then asked if i could stop by for a 2nd interview. I watched the video for 2nd interview tips & followed the things they said, which helped a lot. 4 days later, I got the job with higher pay. If you're looking for work, this is the best way.Thank you Snagajob!"

Kirsten found a job! "I literally just filled out the application on Snagajob and within minutes received my interview with an amazing employer for a thriving company. The very same day I received a phone call from the general manager."

Hugh was hired at Buffalo Wild Wings! "I was unemployed for several months. It felt like I had been sending in a few applications a day for months. I didn't realize that the one thing I wasn't doing was following up by actually going to the place of employment and letting them know I was interested so that they could put a face to my application. Once I did that, getting hired was a breeze thanks to the Snagajob's advice for interviews."

Terri got a job! "I filled out an application on a Saturday. The following Tuesday I was asked to come in and interview for a part-time cashier position. The good news doesn't stop there. I ended the interview with an offer of more hours & pay than I had imagined from the beginning. I received a call 2 days later saying they would like me to be an Assistant Store Manager. I would have more hours, benefits & higher pay. I'll take it! Started this week & absolutely love it! Thank you so much!"

Saily snagged a job at Wendy's! "After about a year of job hunting through random websites that sent me spam emails, and walk-in applications that brought me no success, Snagajob was the only website that helped me land my first job. I am now employed at Wendy's with an awesome boss. I finally have money I can spend on myself and a sense of independence I've been trying to find unsuccessfully until now. Thanks Snagajob!"

Ishasta landed a job at Arby's! "Job searching is hard. You get 500 no's before you get one yes, but stick with it. Snagajob is great. They give you plenty of places to apply. One of those will be a yes. I know because that is how I got hired."