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Hired Members

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Brittany got hired! "I looked for a job for 9 months. I used other sites, but none even got me an interview. I started to feel discouraged.I saw Tuesday Morning was hiring and applied. The next day I got a call for a phone interview, then asked if i could stop by for a 2nd interview. I watched the video for 2nd interview tips & followed the things they said, which helped a lot. 4 days later, I got the job with higher pay. If you're looking for work, this is the best way.Thank you Snagajob!"

Kirsten found a job! "I literally just filled out the application on Snagajob and within minutes received my interview with an amazing employer for a thriving company. The very same day I received a phone call from the general manager."

Hugh was hired at Buffalo Wild Wings! "I was unemployed for several months. It felt like I had been sending in a few applications a day for months. I didn't realize that the one thing I wasn't doing was following up by actually going to the place of employment and letting them know I was interested so that they could put a face to my application. Once I did that, getting hired was a breeze thanks to the Snagajob's advice for interviews."

Terri got a job! "I filled out an application on a Saturday. The following Tuesday I was asked to come in and interview for a part-time cashier position. The good news doesn't stop there. I ended the interview with an offer of more hours & pay than I had imagined from the beginning. I received a call 2 days later saying they would like me to be an Assistant Store Manager. I would have more hours, benefits & higher pay. I'll take it! Started this week & absolutely love it! Thank you so much!"

Saily snagged a job at Wendy's! "After about a year of job hunting through random websites that sent me spam emails, and walk-in applications that brought me no success, Snagajob was the only website that helped me land my first job. I am now employed at Wendy's with an awesome boss. I finally have money I can spend on myself and a sense of independence I've been trying to find unsuccessfully until now. Thanks Snagajob!"

Ishasta landed a job at Arby's! "Job searching is hard. You get 500 no's before you get one yes, but stick with it. Snagajob is great. They give you plenty of places to apply. One of those will be a yes. I know because that is how I got hired."

Jake is working at Applebee's! "I registered with Snagajob because I was looking for a less stressful job than my current position. The same day I applied to several job postings, I received a call for an interview! I was so shocked and accepted the opportunity to interview not knowing I would be hired on! My advice to other job seekers is don't give up! Apply and freshen up your resume! If you do get called for an interview, wear your best business clothes to make a great first impression."

Ricardo was hired! "I worked at Sonic for my first job & was made the youngest person of the management team at age 17. I worked at many other places that never compared to my love for my first job. After going to nursing school and finishing my degree, I knew nursing was not for me. I knew I needed to get back to work and came across a Snagajob ad for an Assistant Manager at the Sonic Drive-In I started out at. I got a call the very next day after applying that I got the job! Thank you!"

Mikayla is a new employee of Perkins! "I applied through Snagajob online for a job at Perkins. They called me and asked to set up an interview for the next day. I went to the job interview and they hired me on the spot!"

Linda was hired! "After searching for 3 1/2 months on other sites-even going out putting in applications, I got no hits. Then I signed up with Snagajob and after a month, I received a call. I wasn't going to answer but something said answer it and it was an interview for the next day. I got dressed up real nice, the interview went well and I got a second interview. The next day and I got the job!"

Devin just got a new job! "My job search was pretty easy! I applied for one job right away and literally a few days later I got hired! I thought it would take forever, but I was wrong. Thank you Snagajob!"

Adrian now works at Marshalls! "I searched Snagajob daily & applied to jobs every few days. It was hard, but eventually I found one that fit my needs & was looking for a person like me! I found a lovely job at Marshalls. They called me two days after I put in an application and wanted me for an interview. My advice is apply to everything that you think you could do. Don't apply to jobs that don't fit you and always be honest about your experience. Don't give up! It's hard, but you can do it!"

Destynee snagged a job! "My job search was difficult at first, but using Snagajob made it easier for me to find jobs to apply for. I got hired based on the information on my Snagajob profile. It was easy for the employer to see my availability. I would recommend using Snagajob to a friend looking for work because the site did all the hard work for me. There is a long list of jobs and Snagajob makes it easy to apply for them all. Their site gives great advice for interviews."

Amanda landed a job! "I was searching for 7 months & getting nowhere. I finally decided to use Snagajob & apply for as many jobs as possible. After a few weeks of getting discouraged, I got 2 calls in 1 day for an interview! I went to the interview, which I applied for in person & hadn't been contacted until I applied online. The interview process was easy, by the end she offered the job. I'm very excited. I've always wanted to work for them. I am very grateful for Snagajob! Thank you!"

Darlisa was hired! "I've used Snagajob before, but didn't stick to it the way I should've. This time I did stick to it & found a job in just a couple of weeks. The thing I love about Snagajob is that no matter how much you search for jobs yourself, they find places that you never would have thought of. I found out about a hiring event through Snagajob for a new place that was opening up. I read through the advice Snagajob gave for interviews and resumes. I used that and was hired on the spot!"

Chynna works at Chipotle! "My job search was annoying until I signed up for Snagajob. They would send me daily job alerts by email. I got a notification about Chipotle hiring and applied. 1 day later they set up an interview. I went into the interview prepared so I was instantly hired. Don't give up on trying to find a job. Once you get an interview, do research on that company. Preparation will put you above others. Thank you Snagajob. I wouldn't have known about the open position without you!"

Sarah found a job at Denny's! "I started back with Snagajob about a month ago. I filled out a couple of recommended applications. One was a hostess for Denny's. The next day they called me for an interview. Three days later, I got hired! I called the restaurant and they told me I actually got hired as a server and told me when I start. Now I am happily a server and making good money, thanks to Snagajob's job postings. :)"

Lena landed a job at Panera! "I got hired using Snagajob! This site is awesome because it sends you as many or as few emails as you want and pushes you to apply. Applying is super easy & employers actually look at your application. You get a notification when they have reviewed it! I'm so happy I found Snagajob or I wouldn't have a job. They called me 2 days after submitting an application and I got hired at my interview. Take advantage of this fabulous site and good luck in your job search! :)"

Candace found a job at Safeway! "My job search was very easy! I was only out of work for 2 weeks! :) I was filling out my application for Safeway & stopped about halfway through. I got a phone call the next day from Safeway asking me to finish my application! I GOT THE JOB! My advice would be to stay focused & keep looking. There's always something out there. is AMAZING! Thank you because of this website I found 2 great opportunities that have really helped me in my career path."

Rebekah was hired at Home Depot! "My job search on Snagajob was so easy and smooth through the whole process! Not only was I able to find jobs actually hiring close to home, but I received alerts everyday (that I asked for) to keep me on top of my job search game. My first interview was almost two weeks after I began my search! And the job I actually wanted (which I have been hired for now) at Home Depot happened about two months later! This site is absolutely the best."

Stefanie found a job! "I filled out the quick app on Snagajob, received a call a few days later from the company to fill out their application and interview. I was hired about 2 weeks later. If you're looking for work, the key is persistence. I would fill out a few applications everyday from different sites. If you do that, someone is bound to call. Good luck."

Lauren snagged a job at Jersey Mike's! "My job search was made easy when I went to make my profile. Since I didn't have to use gas putting in applications the regular way, things were easier. I got an e-mail from an employer that saw my profile and they asked me to come in. I walked in to fill out the application and walked out with the job. My advice for a friend is be persistent and put in as many applications as you can."

Victor found a job! "I have been looking to transition from a therapeutic community into the larger community and find some work that will also support my creative needs. Snagajob was relentless in sending job openings and applications. It made me check my e-mails constantly so it was no great wonder that I found what I needed. Thanks for being my coach, you know the one that makes you try even if you think you can't!"

Brittany was hired at Kohl's! "The job search was very easy due to Snagajob. They found things that worked best for me, and that were closer to home. I applied on a Tuesday and got called back Wednesday. I interviewed Friday and received the job on Monday! Honestly, being yourself is a major key to finding success, don't try to be something you're not employers will see right through that. Also, only apply to jobs that you can see yourself enjoying."

Janine landed a job at Buffalo Wild Wings! "My job search was long. I thought I'd never get hired anywhere. I was out of work for over a month. I downloaded the Snagajob app and was overwhelmed with listings in the area I had no idea about! I filled out a few applications...and hours later I had an interview! Then I was hired!"