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Jeff snagged a job! "I had a very hard time finding a job in my area. Many industries in Chicago are flooded with applicants. I was unemployed for six months before I applied to Starbucks via Snagajob. I was contacted almost immediately, and working on the floor receiving paychecks and tips in less than a week. That job allowed me to save up enough money for a car, a moving truck, and all of the things I would need to buy to move all the way to Oregon where I am still employed by Starbucks."

Chandler was hired at Carter's! "Using Snagajob, I applied to various companies, including a position at Carter's. Being that I have a son and Carter's is a children's clothing store, I definitely wanted the job. A few weeks after submitting my online application, I received a call from Carter's. I interviewed the following day, and was hired on the spot! Thank you, Snagajob; your services provided me the opportunity to view jobs in my area and submit applications!"

Valorie landed a job! "My job search was easy with Snagajob. I set up an account and within minutes I started receiving relevant job matches in my email. I got hired by applying and following up. I got set up with an interview and my drug test and background check are being run has we speak. I should be able to start in the middle of next week. Advice that I would give a friend is to set up an account with Snagajob. They will help you find a job and you will get hired. Thanks Snagajob."

Christopher was hired at Hardee's! "I lost my previous job, and first heard about Snagajob when I moved. I applied to the closest Hardee's. After a few weeks of determination, I'm proud to say that I'm working again. It took a while because of the competitive job market, but Snagajob helped me succeed in finding a job within walking distance that fit my experience. To other job seekers, don't get discouraged. I was unemployed for over 6 months. I'm very grateful for the job I have."

Andrea is the newest employee of Kohl's! "I was out of work five months until I joined Snagajob. I got a job offer within 3 weeks. :)"

Isabel works at Subway! "I was a college student trying to find work and nobody was hiring me. I joined Snagajob and started to apply to different places. Since all of my work and contact information is in here it was easy for employers to get in contact with me. I now work at Subway, thanks to Snagajob. (: "

Steve was hired at Bahama Breeze! "Coming from a small town finding work was never tough. Moving to a big city, I found landing a job was a little tougher with everyone else in the area trying to find work. Snagajob keeps you up to date with all the current listings in your area and many companies work with this site to look for potential employees. The alerts Snagajob sent me kept my hopes up while making the transition until I landed a really good job. Thanks for all the support!"

Javonta snagged a job at Bojangles'! "Want to say thanks to Snagajob for all your help. You made finding a job very simple and easy. I didn't have to go place to place looking for who was hiring. Everyday I came home, there were job matches in my area that were open. All I had to do was sit back and apply from the comfort of my house. Thanks again Snagajob. You guys really helped me out when I needed this job."

Shay works at Taco Bell! "After going on interviews and not getting the job, I was discouraged. I was done job searching. I watched the Snagajob videos & no call backs. But one day on my way to school, I received a phone call from the manager of Taco Bell so I agreed to an interview. I went and told him my experience volunteering. To make a long story short, I got the job. You guys helped guide me from the application to the interview. I wouldn't have gotten the job without you. Thanks so much."

Duane now works at Tea 2 Go! "Thank you Snagajob! I was unemployed for a long time. I applied for many positions. I got an email alert from Snagajob for Tea 2 Go-as always I applied. 1 week later, I was called for an interview! I got the job. All thanks to the Snagajob system and my determination. My only regret is not signing up with Snagajob sooner because I would not have been unemployed for so long. Thanks to Snagajob I have a great job and my life back. Thanks again!"

Brandy is newly hired! "I'm a full time college student who needed extra cash, so I began applying on Snagajob. At first, I didn't get 1 response to my applications. I needed a new tactic so I changed my resume and instantly I got two interviews in the same week. I got the job and now I'm working and enjoying every minute of it! You just have to keep trying. If your first attempts don't seem to be working change something that you're doing, it can really help! Good luck with your job search!"

Grant found a job at Walmart! "I was a regular old high school senior looking for a job, My friends told me all about Snagajob and immediately I checked into it. I applied to many stores, putting in many resumes and after just one week, I got a job! It's just that easy! All you have to do is apply, apply, apply and you will get the things that you want!"

China now works at Sears! "It took a while for me to get a job, mostly because I've never had one before. I've been looking since I was 15 and no one was hiring me. I had tried everything. Until 1 day something told me to check Snagajob again and apply somewhere. The application was long, but I did it. 3 hours later they called me in for an interview. After years of looking, it happened. My advice to anyone would be not to give up. When it's supposed to happen, it will! Good luck!"

Elizabeth is working at Turkey Hill! "After 2 months of looking, I finally got hired. The day after I got the job I was called by three places that I applied to through Snagajob and all were calling offering an interview for their job opening. Any one of them would have been great matches for me as a college grad looking to start a savings. If I ever need a job again, I know I'll use Snagajob. Other sites I was using weren't cutting it. You guys made it easy."

Kim was hired at Bumbleberry Gift Shop! "My job search was very easy. I received a call back within three day and I was hired on the spot."

Michael landed a job at Wendy's! "I have been looking for work for two months since being out here in VA and heard about the online job sites. I was only going to one so I decided to expand my horizons elsewhere. I landed a job and I'm happy to be working a steady job again. Thanks Snagajob! My interview was not as I wanted it to go.But he said he would give me a chance and those were the only words I have been wanting to hear from anyone and I finally did."

Dylan is now working at Jimmy John's! "I signed up on Snagajob on Sunday, applied for a Jimmy John's position on Monday, interviewed on Tuesday and was hired on the spot. It's really that easy."

Genesis snagged a job! " I signed up for Snagajob and the application took no time at all because everything was already filled out. I just answered a few questions related to the job so that was awesome! I went to my interview and one of my previous jobs stuck out to them, so that was helpful! I did in fact get the job and I think that experience really helped! I don't see why you wouldn't make a Snagajob account?! You have nothing to lose. Plus, you get constant reminders of jobs in the area!"

Salina was hired at Hardee's! "I was applying for months without any call backs. My sister suggested Snagajob & I created my profile. 3 days later, I started getting calls for interviews. I got hired within minutes of going into my 1st interview and my wage was great! I'm very happy. Don't get discouraged & show that you're serious about the job. Snagajob is super easy to use. They provide great interview tips and job recommendations. Thanks Snagajob, you saved me!"

Michael works at Hardee's! "Starting my job hunt was the worst part of the process. Applying is so time consuming. I got a job using Snagajob by turning in as many applications as possible; & using Snagajob's easy distance tool got me a convenient job! First, turn in your completed application. Next, wait a few days and call to confirm your application was received. Lastly, follow up in person. Managers admire that. My last piece of advice would be to stand out because that will get you hired."

Anthony landed a job at Kohl's! "I was a department manager, however I wanted something more. I found the job posting for Kohl's for an Operations Area Supervisor. It was a quick and easy application. Thankfully Snagajob had my most recent work history on file. Later that day, I received an email from the Store Manager and set up an interview. Three weeks later I was offered the job! I'm doing a fantastic job too!"

Tim works at Nashua! "Losing my job was a shock & I immediately began to search for a new one. I've worked as long as I can remember. Snagajob was a main search engine I used and I cannot thank them enough for their diligence in helping me find a job. It took about a month, but I found a job and a better one than before! God bless all that you do Snagajob and to those searching, never give up! Your job is out there and chances are, it'll be more than you had when you became unemployed, etc!"

James snagged a job! "With Snagajob helping me build my resume, I was able to stay in my career field. I was doubtful at first, but with the extra push and all the other help that Snagajob offered I landed a job. Take advantage of all they offer. It's completely free. They even sent me a nice, but funny happy birthday video. Snagajob really cares."

Emily got a job at Dunkin Donuts! "I had been looking for jobs through other sites and they just didn't seem to work. I couldn't get any interviews and got no responses to my emails. I applied to a job via I got a phone call the next day asking me to come in for an interview! It's as simple as that!"

Matthew snagged a job at Jiffy Lube! "It was simple and quick. I put in a couple of applications and boom, I got an interview just like that. Thank you Snagajob. You got my life back!"