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Why I Budget Paycheck To Paycheck

Welcome to my world! I am a paycheck to paycheck budgeter. I am a true believer in zero-based budgeting. In fact, I believe it is one of the main reasons I was able to take control of my financial beast. If most or all of your income is entirely focused on your paychecks, shouldn’t your expenses also be focused on your paychecks too? Click to read about why I budget paycheck to paycheck.

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The Free App that Makes Budgeting Simple and Mobile

The Free App that makes budgeting simple and mobile. From the King of personal finance, this is an amazing new solution to budgeting for people who struggle to get it down.

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10 Things You Shouldn't Buy When You Are Struggling Financially

If you are struggling financially or simply want to get control of your debt here are 10 Things You Shouldn't Buy When You Are Struggling Financially.

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Things I Will NOT Do To Save Money

I'm all about saving money, but like this woman, some things aren't worth the few cents you may save over the course of a year.

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How 14 Bank Accounts Saved Our Budget

How 14 Bank Accounts Saved Our Budget. Yes! This! We started this 3 months ago, when my sister told me about it and even in such a short time it made such a difference. It's easy to keep track of even a small budget and you don;t have to worry about keeping cash and carrying cash everywhere. It's like a cash budget alternative.

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4 Realistic Ways to Save Half Your Income

If you’re wanting to increase your financial security here are four realistic ways to save half of your income.

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39 Inspiring Stories of People Who Hustled Away Debt

You may be in debt up to your eyeballs and you have absolutely no motivation to pay any of it off. Don't worry because many have been there and they've overcome it. here are 39 inspiring stories of people who've hustled their way out of debt. Pin this so you can be inspired to do something about yours!

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How to Avoid Burnout While Paying Off Debt

Chances are you'll experience burnout at some point in your debt payoff, especially if you're paying off a hefty sum of debt. Here are six tricks for avoiding burnout in your debt repayment!

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Four tips for dealing with budget burnout

Four tips for dealing with budget burnout. At some point everyone gets tired of budgeting. Living on a budget can be tough. Here are some ways to overcome budget burnout and keep moving toward your goals of getting out of debt.

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