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Favorite people

Favorite people

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Anne of Green Gables

Robin Williams RIP 8/11/2014.

The Eclectic Modeling Career Of Robin Williams

Robin Williams- one of my most favorite actors. He inspired so many, including me. RIP

individual | Falling Down to Me

White Christmas

Andrew Garfield

The Phelps twins ( AKA Fred and George)

Cutest Artoo

Mary Poppins

Why didn't Josh ever you through an awkward stage?

J.K. Rowling and her billionaire status. "This woman has a cloud reserved in Heaven." :)

Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield = cutest couple!

My role model!

Captain Wentworth

Anne Elliot Captain Wentworth

Andrew Garfield Spider Man

HOT OR NOT! Spider-Man edition

Anne Deniau Paris Opera Ballet "La Sylphide"


Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke…I Don’t Understand You.

Emma Stone. This is hilarious

Emma Stone Has The Best Wikipedia Blurb Of Life

Tom Hiddleston

Dick Van Dyke:)

Theo James. So swoon-worthy. He is such a cutie pie with that accent ! ♥ ♥<--------- rep inning for that comment and the fact that he is swoon-worthy

Roald Dahl & Ernest Hemingway, London, 1944

Dick Van Dyke