In this episode of Kickstart Workout, certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger demonstrates a full-body routine that only takes 16 minutes. There is zero equipment required to do this cardio strength training workout - all you need is your own body weight! This workout alternates 1 minute of strength moves followed by 30 seconds of cardio. Holly takes you through two cycles of the following moves: walk-outs to jumps, high knees, squat / lunge combo, lateral slides, push up to a side plank, ...

Full Body Training Camp

Arms workout. #workout #fitness

Arms workout! -


5-minute "Almost-No-Work" Plank Workout - Page 2 of 2 - Eat. Fit. Fuel.

1000 calorie burn

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Ab workout!

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The amount of calories you can burn using kettlebells can be amazingly high: a study by the American Council on Exercise found that the average person burns 400 calories in 20 minutes when doing kettlebell exercises. Here are tips on how to get the most our of your kettlebell workouts.

7 Moves to Burn 400 Calories in 20 Minutes

Try these 10 chest exercises to give your bust line a lift and make your breasts appear bigger and perkier, the natural way!

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A Calorie-Burning Workout For People Who Hate to Run. And guess what? No treadmill and no equipment needed!

A Calorie-Burning Workout For People Who Hate to Run

Get those arms tightened and toned!

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New workout plan

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How to Design Your Ideal Workout Plan | SparkPeople

How to Design Your Ideal Workout Plan

10 Body-Weight Training Exercises You Can Do Anywhere | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #workout #homeworkout

10 Body-Weight Training Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Coach Nicole has created a fun and effective kickboxing workout that will elevate your heart rate to burn calories and fat. This video will lead you through a short warm up, cardio workout, cool down and stretching routine in about 10 minutes, making it easy to fit into your day. Free of complex choreography, this workout is appropriate for people of many different fitness levels and abilities.

10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout Video

running workout

9 Quick Running Workouts You Can Do On A Treadmill Or Outdoors

Time to get your weight loss and fitness plan together for the NEW YEAR.

Ultimate Fitness Tracker Printable

Christian Workout Music: 100 Uplifting Songs | SparkPeople

Christian Workout Music: 100 Uplifting Songs

The 1-Mile Indoor Power Walking Workout. Perfect way to start or end my workouts! | via @SparkPeople #jessicasmith #workout #walk #walking

The 1-Mile Indoor Power Walking Workout

8-Minute Cardio Intervals Workout! This is my favorite workout to do when I'm short on time. No equipment needed, either! | via @SparkPeople #workout #fitness #workout #exercise #homeworkout

8-Minute Cardio Intervals Workout Video

How do you exercise? Is it mindfully? When you workout, are you just rushing through, trying to get it done or are you thinking about your goals and the challenge that lies ahead?

Are You Exercising Mindfully?

No matter where you are, get fit with this 20-minute, no equipment workout

20-Minute, No-Running Cardio Blast

Arm workouts for women. Here are 13 exercises to get rid of flabby arms. The workouts can be done with or without weights or a kettlebell. Challenge yourself and tone your arms. It’s about time to look sexy with sleeveless tops for the summer

Arm Workout For Women: 13 Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms - Fit Vivo

The hurdle of having to prepare you protein- and fiber-packed smoothie can make you want to skip it for a scone. So prep all the fruits and greens you use in your smoothies and freeze individual DIY smoothie packs. It not only makes a fast breakfast even faster, but it ensures you stick to a portion-perfect calorie amount.

Once You Start Doing These 29 Hacks, the Weight Will Just Fall Off

When you feel like getting back on track is overwhelming, try one (or more) of these 25 small steps each day. Soon, you'll be back on the exercise track and loving life!

25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

The weather is warming up and the outdoors is calling. Hiking is a great workout! But before you go, read up on these 10 essential things you'll want to take with you on your nature travels!

10 Things to Take On a Spring Hike

Let's look at what research (and common sense) really tells us about tea, tea extracts and supplements, and what they can—and can't—do for your health.

The Truth about Green Tea