Smashed Peas and Carrots: Little Girls' Knit Legwarmers {A Pattern} -- Adorbs! An alternative to knitting in the round (and all that purling) would be to knit them flat and garter stitch a seam up the sides.

Red crystal ballet shoes

It's not that I am a ballerina but these soooo remind me of my favorite movie-The Wizard of Oz-Red crystal ballet shoes


Meredith Webster in Scheherazade, Alonzo King Lines Ballet - (photo by RJ Muna) One of my fave companies!

Christine Rocas - Joffrey Ballet, by Gina Uhlmann

Christine Joy Rocas - Joffrey Ballet \\ Photo by Gina Uhlmann -Fashion, Advertising & Dance Photographer.

I love this photo not only because I dance and love ballet, but because I love how the photo focusing on the pointe shoe and not her.

Atelier by Richard MacDonald

* By Richard Macdonald Sculpture. I saw this dancer on my trip to the San Fransisco art galleries.

"When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.For lack of knowing how to vamp, I did become a ballerina.

and a 5, a 6, a 5, 6, 7, 8!

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Funny pictures about The Best Gift For Any Dancer. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Gift For Any Dancer. Also, The Best Gift For Any Dancer photos.

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Tiffany pointe shoes. Perfect idea for Storie's first pair of point shoes. And let her do the b-dazzling when its time for them to retire.

New York City Ballet on

Tiffany and co ballet pointe shoes I would feel like a ballerina with these on.

Custom Louboutin pointe shoes for Dita Von Teese

Audrey These are custom Louboutin pointe shoes for Dita Von Teese. I really like the idea of mixing fields of art, and that's really evident here in which an artistic tool, pointe shoes, are utilizes for a fashion purpose.

This will be me soon EEEEEEK it's my dream shoe =

I'm gonna have photos like this posted in ,my babygirl's nursery/bedroom! I want so badly for her to be a ballerina! Crystal-encrusted ballet slippers from Clover Canyon Fall 2013

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Rhinestone Pointe Shoe: these actually exist and can be danced in and I want a pair so bad!


This picture portrays movement because it shows the dancer getting ready to change her pose. It also looks as if the dandelions are about to fly away into the wind. This picture is a graceful way to show movement.

i can't do what i really really want to do as a career (dance) because my parents say it's not practical.

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Photography by Weifoto / Weiferd Watts, yoga dance rock beach

Dare - Change. Short 1 minute video. Very good. [Image not part of the video, but related]

This is one of the cutest thing I have ever seen. I so want to do a picture like this with one of the little girls at the studio at some point!