Adéla Konárková

Adéla Konárková

Adéla Konárková
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I want this guy! "Barbu Gaulois" -- The Barbet is a very old French breed behind several known around the world today, including the Portuguese water dog, the Briard, the bichon, the Griffin and the poodle breeds

Napping French Bulldog Casts a Batman Shadow. (wait, is that a Batman shadown, or a bunny rabbit shadow?

hydrangea dreams

Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds – Adding coffee grounds or other organic material to your hydrangea’s soil will reduce the pH level and make aluminum more available to the plant. The result will be hydrangeas that are blue in color.

Spinone Italiano puppy.

Spinone Italiano puppy There's no way we'd get a puppy right now. But I love that puppy face- it's half puppy, half old-man.