2010 Elementary Art Show by jplatohayden, via Flickr

examine how art has existed through time and how it can represent a group of people, e., prehistoric man and cave paintings. AFTER the "cave" is used for hibernation, it can be used for cave paintings done by cave kids! 2010 Elementary Art Show

Egyptian Mummy Cases. Create a stencil for each table. Students trace mummy coffin on to paper. Then color the mummy coffin with heiroglyphics - something religious to make instead ???!!!

Egyptian Mummy Cases from Painted Paper.this pin board Egypt lesson by Amy Janickj is really good

Worksheets: All About Ancient Egypt

All About Ancient Egypt

Worksheets: All About Ancient Egypt-to start off the year in SS, how much do they remember about Egypt, before we go on to Greeks

The Cheese Stands Alone: VBS: Joseph's Journey

Vacation Bible School "Joseph's Journey: From Prison to Palace" was our theme this year. The church was turned into EGPYT for the.