sylviane nicouleau

sylviane nicouleau

sylviane nicouleau
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I like these boyfriend jeans withe the tennis shoes - but I don't like the patch on the knee. I don't mind a few tears, but don't like the patch. This is a great casual look - including the white top and jacket.

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Markiplier, jacksepticeye, Bob aka muyskerm, Wade Aka Lord venturain ( from venturaintale ), and matpat!

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Michael Chwe argues that Jane Austen was a strategic thinker in his novel "Jane Austen, Game Theorist." Linked is a discussion of his theories. “Jane Austen, Game Theorist and Strategic Thinker”: A Freakonomics Radio Podcast with Michael Chwe

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A not too far-fetched fan-theory on Portal's companion cubes.

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I'm MatPat and welcome to The Game Theorists! Do you love overanalyzing video games? We cover it all from diving into the lore of FNAF, resea.