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Baby Stuff

Baby Stuff

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Cartier 1950's Time/Date

Cartier 1950's Time/Date ($500-5000)

I think Jionni will want to do this with Jr.

  • Scentual Wellness
    Scentual Wellness

    So adorable

  • Brandy Stevens
    Brandy Stevens

    So, are you naming the baby Jionni

  • Kristin Mcateer
    Kristin Mcateer

    there is an outfit that you can buy for the baby so it will look like a baseball sitting in the glove.

  • Brittney Gaona
    Brittney Gaona

    Snooki... follow me on pinterest :)

  • Felicia

    this is so freaken cute! :)

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My Pregnant Workout Routine: All the Details! @usweekly

Pregnant Snooki's Workout Routine: All the Details!

You know how I love my Mets!

  • Jamie Liguori
    Jamie Liguori

    Met fan!!! that's what's up!!!:)

I need this in a leopard print :)

  • MFS - Plus Size Fabulous™
    MFS - Plus Size Fabulous™

    NiC0LE P0LiZZi you should totally contact her directly and ask her to do a custom animal print fabric! I worked with her on a custom project of mine and she was SUPER happy to do it! I LOVE her pieces - and they are functional AND fashionable!!

  • Louise Holdsworth
    Louise Holdsworth

    all my baby stuff was animal print :)

  • Brandi Webb
    Brandi Webb

    You'll change your mind when you use the one diaper you have and right after you've gotten him dressed again, he decides to fill up the new one. Happens more times than none!

  • jessica bee
    jessica bee

    you can find leopard ones on etsy

  • KyrsyPye L
    KyrsyPye L

    purseNmore on Etsy has one like this that holds 4-5 diapers, or 2-3 and a pack of wipes. I have one and LOVED it.

Lol! So cute ;)

  • Elisabeth Clay
    Elisabeth Clay

    with a mom like you, of course he will be :)

fashionable baby!

  • Casey Sliger
    Casey Sliger

    That's a dog stroller!!

  • Casey Sliger
    Casey Sliger

    That's a dog stroller!!

  • Stephanie Morgan
    Stephanie Morgan

    haha def a puppy stroller

  • Jewls Cooper
    Jewls Cooper


  • Ashley Schoon
    Ashley Schoon

    This may be a dog stroller, but I would for sure find a way to make it a baby stroller! Especially if it was digital camo!

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Love these!

foxpaws | zulily
  • Tara Morgan
    Tara Morgan

    These are awesome!

  • Kandace Lee
    Kandace Lee

    ahh my gah!! i need these

  • Emily Boyer
    Emily Boyer

    So freakin cute!

  • Scentual Wellness
    Scentual Wellness

    I need to get a pair.

  • Linda Chavez
    Linda Chavez

    So cute!!

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I need one of these ;) #pregnancy

  • Vicki B
    Vicki B

    minus the deoderant marks.

  • Kiara Rassoli
    Kiara Rassoli

    Nicole you should really make your own line of baby clothing ♥

  • Colette Bromfield
    Colette Bromfield

    LOVE THIS!!!

  • Jennifer Armstead
    Jennifer Armstead

    this is so you!

Adorable fruit baby for a baby shower~!

Baby Fruit Salad
  • Kiarra McGee
    Kiarra McGee

    That's so cute & yet yummy looking.

  • Hillary Ferrall
    Hillary Ferrall

    That is so fricking cute!!

  • Hillary Ferrall
    Hillary Ferrall

    That is so fricking cute!!

  • Samantha Kaitlyn
    Samantha Kaitlyn

    I love that!!!♥

  • Raven Lynch
    Raven Lynch

    I made one for my sister's shower! Super easy and cute :]

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Pacifier Thermometer... this is GENIUS

Pacifier Thermometer
  • Amber Haulman
    Amber Haulman

    My boys didn't like pacifiers, we have to use the digital ear one.

  • Heather Coyle
    Heather Coyle

    I much perfer the one you scan their forhead with. It doesnt wake up a baby if your trying to get a late night temp

  • cristul carter
    cristul carter

    Paci thermometers are hardly accurate at least the ones I bought the forehead ones are the best

  • Amber Perez
    Amber Perez

    i hated the paci thermometer. the best one is the one you just swipe accross the forehead

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Jionni will love this!

The Gaines Gang: Christmas
  • Erin Cherry
    Erin Cherry

    So cute

Cute idea

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: father's day
  • Bre Wexler
    Bre Wexler

    Adorable!! Great idea.