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Friends & Me!!

Friends & Me!!

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Marc Malkin from E! online and me after one of my recent interviews!

  • Danielle Buehler
    Danielle Buehler

    His feet are so big!!!

  • Kate Richards
    Kate Richards

    you both look amazing..

  • Brittni Gray
    Brittni Gray

    You're so tiny! I was pretty small too. :)

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S

    And your dad in the background?

Mario Lopez and me right after doing Extra!!

  • Kassondra Willer
    Kassondra Willer

    Snooki you are GORGEOUS!! :)

  • Lauren

    You are the cutest pregnant person ever! Xoxo

  • Leanna Cacciatore
    Leanna Cacciatore

    You should wear clothes to show off your baby bump! You arent going to have it forever!

  • audrey

    you are so cute ! :)

  • Acw

    Love Mario Lopez

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Michael Cera and me! Loved him in Superbad!

  • Heather Rowlands
    Heather Rowlands

    LOVE him.. I'm jealous ha ha!

  • Tori HM
    Tori HM

    Hahaha, loves him... Superbad was wicked! :D

  • Luci Herrera
    Luci Herrera

    I really want to marry him !

  • Lexi Rice
    Lexi Rice

    nicole you are soooo pretty!!! i love the new show snookie and jwoww!!! i admire you soo much! hope your baby lorenzo is doing well! all my wishes and happiness!!! on your marriage and being a new mommy!!

  • Kayla Harrison
    Kayla Harrison

    Wow he is so much taller than you.

Nicki Minaj and me at the VH1 Salute The Troops! It was an amazing night and I really enjoyed meeting all the soldiers that keep this country free.

  • Gerry Cleary
    Gerry Cleary

    My 4 year old has been in Love with Nicki ever since he could walk. He gets mesmerized by her on TV

  • Loring Toney
    Loring Toney

    I went to that concert! It was so fun!!

  • Jennifer Mancilla-Molina
    Jennifer Mancilla-Molina

    You are rocking it girl!!

  • Giancarlos Luna
    Giancarlos Luna

    Umm i dont like nicki or snooki i love them

WWE's John Cena and me in the Greenroom at Good Morning America. @JohnCena

  • Jess T. Kennedy
    Jess T. Kennedy

    Hes quite the hotttie!

  • Christina Mc
    Christina Mc

    aah so jealous! love john cena, awk snooks deffs has that glow

  • Gerry Cleary
    Gerry Cleary

    so cute

  • Tammy Scott
    Tammy Scott

    Omg John Cena is HOTT!! And Snooki is Beautiful

  • Lee Edgetteri
    Lee Edgetteri

    That's awesome! You look so pretty snooki!

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