fungus   ;)

A variation of the bride's veiled found at Phallus indusiatus - veiled stinkhorn fungus.

Tea Tree Seed Pods by Bad Alley

I think these are Melaleuca (tea tree) seed pods. Not the same species as the other Melaleuca I shot on this trip, though. Shot in San Francisco, California, in late December.

Rudbeckia "Green Wizard"

Green Wizard Rudbeckia Seeds

Looking like a plucked daisy, this Rudbeckia sports long, thin green sepals and a giant black cone (the size and shape of a large strawberry)! Wonderfully attention-getting in the garden, Green Wizard is also welcome as an Everlasting!

Yucca seedpod

Yucca seedpod ~another pretty pod for Autumn in bowls, on wreaths, etc. Plentiful in SW USA.