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Things we do, have done or added to our RV to make life on the road easier, safer or just more enjoyable.
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How we save 50% on 75% of our camping! Camper, Rv, Travel Guides, Motor Home Camping, Camping, Travel Insurance, Trailers For Sale, Used Rv, Rv Travel
How we save 50% on 75% of our camping!
We are lifetime members of Passport America and to date 75% of our stopovers have been at PA half-price campgrounds. If we didn't use them we wouldn't suggest them. -Niki & Jack
screws and nails are laying on a red surface
RV Preventive Maintenance to Prevent Water Leaks
RV Water Leak Prevention Visual Inspection and Repairs Part I - Dealing with rusty screws How we do it and the parts and tools we use....
an advertisement for the rv gadgets gizmos and other useful products on sale
Gadgets, gizmos and must haves for your trailer or RV
Gadgets, Gizmos and other Useful Products for RVers to make our lives easier, safer and more enjoyable! If we don't own it and use it - we won't recommend it!
a red truck driving down a road in the middle of desert land with mountains behind it
2018 Rand McNally Deluxe Motor Carriers' Road Atlas (Rand Mcnally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas Deluxe Edition)
The Motor Carriers' Atlas is our go-to reference to check our RV routes for low bridges and other restrictions. All truck routes are shown in orange by State. If an 18-wheeler can travel the route then our RV can as well. -Niki & Jack
an advertisement for a garden hose system with instructions on how to use the hoses
Valterra SS01 RV SewerSolution Drainage Kit with 10' Hose and Accessories
The RV "Sewer Solution" to the problem. No more "Stinky Slinky" to mess with! The water pressure breaks up solids and pumps the waste down the narrow hose into the sewer. Throw the switch, flush the hose, coil it up and you're ready to move on. See how we set it up at
an rv with plants and other things in the back door compartment that is open to show what's inside
Plants - last to be stored for the trip and first to be put out in the sun at our next stop. We store many things in basement tubs so an overturned tub cover makes a great catchall for plant dirt and water.
an image of a car radio with gps and other items in the dash board area
How we plan our RV trips with Maps, Tips, Resources and good References
Trailer hooked up, pre-flight inspection complete, furry kids and Navigator aboard - time to fire up the monitors and get on down the road! VISIT our webpage for tips & tools for planning your next RV trip.
an image of the back of a truck with its radio and camera attached to it
Iball 5.8GHz Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear View Camera
We know the fellow with the beer can in his hand from the next campsite means well when he offers to guide you backing in but our back-up camera makes the job easy and without undue stress on your Navigator/Partner. VIEW our webpage for more travel tips, tools and ideas -
the dash cam is mounted to the side of a car's mirror, with an ad for dashcam on it
Black Box Kamo G1W-H Dash Cam Capacitor Version - WDR 160 Wide Angle 4X Zoom - Full HD 1080P H.264 2.7" LCD Car DVR Video Recorder - Night Vision Motion Detection G-Sensor - NT96650 + AR0330
Dashcams are fairly inexpensive and the resolution is quite good. They not only capture a record of your travels and places you visit but can become very important in an accident. Visit our website for more trip planning tips & tools -
The best WiFi booster for your RV. Glamping, Motor Home Storage, Camping Hacks, Vans, Airstream
Best WiFi Antenna for RVers
We did the research and have had two over the years! Making yours and our life on the road easieris is always our goal! As you know, many campgrounds and RV parks advertise "Free WiFi" - and they do have it - but being able to access it is quite another matter. This will fill the gap.
the wires are plugged into the outlet in the wall
TV Cable Quick-Connects for Your RV
Are you tired of the hassle connecting and disconnecting that TV cable every time you set up the RV? We were and the remedy is so simple! (
a washing machine sitting on top of a kitchen counter
Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine(10lbs Capacity) XPB45 -Larger Size
The Panda portable washing machine is perfect for an RV. See how we set ours up at Not suitable for sheets or towels - too heavy.
some gardening supplies are laying on the ground
Gadgets, gizmos and must haves for your trailer or RV
Make Your Own Upside Down Tomato Growing Kits! You see a lot of advertisements urging you to buy a "kit" to grow the upside down tomato plants. You can do it very simply with tools and supplies you already may have.
a hummingbird flying towards a bird feeder with the words, the rv life style taking the time to enjoy life
and to appreciate this great Country we call home. On the Road with Niki, Jack, K.C., B.B. and
the interior of a motor home with wood cabinets and an open door on the wall
Hot Shot Wasp & Hornet Killer Spray For Insects, Eliminates The Nest, Sprays Up Tp 27 Feet, 17.5 fl Ounce
A can of hornet & wasp spray Velcroed above the front door of your RV keeps it handy for the one time you may need it.