funny snk attack on titan cosplay. I want to do this some day! SO badly! The Levi thing was awesome too. Who wants to join meh in doing something like this!


BUSTED XD<--I'd like to take a moment to appreciate Levi's face on the last panel

Haha sorry for the language but I couldn't resist adding to this, Honey from OHSHC looks like he is... a lot younger than he is, but really he is their senpai

I just want to cuddle Kaneki-chan ^_^ and do other things to Ayato Tokyo Ghoul

AoT/Free! ~~ Marco and Makoto compare notes... until Jean and Haruka have to break it up. :: THIS IS GREAT!!

Attack on Titan / Free! ~~ Marco and Makoto compare notes. until Jean and Haruka have to break it up.<<< The back muscles of a Greek god.