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The wallpaper here is an elegant touch, and it turns the room into a walled garden. All the panels were configured to fit the walls and then hand-painted. A Venetian mirror sits with Scandinavian pottery above the Louis XV fireplace. The demilunes are Louis XVI and the floor lamp is Bagues.

The sofa is monumental. I built a little niche for it so it wouldn't jut out so far into the room and interrupt my square living room. I had it made with a very deep, low seat, almost like a Turkish ottoman. I love a low seat. I like the look and feel of it. You’re not upright and uptight. It’s very loungy, and it makes people feel more relaxed and comfortable.

For the first time, fans of Sandra Nunnerley's graceful and global vision can appreciate her attention to every subtle detail in splendid residences, many of which display important art collections and dramatic architecture. Beautiful photography showcases the projects, including Nunnerley’s own apartment in New York. She explains how she combined inspiration, imagination and – essentially – reality, to create this serene and very individual space. Now available on & Barnes…

The fireplace is a natural focal point. I did a simple bronze metal surrounding the fireplace and hung a tall rectangular mirror above it, framed in the same bronze. Even though my work cannot be called minimalist by any stretch of the imagination, I will often use a minimalist detail like this.

This project was in one of the most unique spaces in New York—a duplex apartment with 360-degree views, on the top two floors of the Sherry-Netherland hotel. Cecil Beaton once lived here. Jack Warner, the president of Warner Brothers, had the huge plate-glass windows installed. It’s the height of luxury—a private home where you can pick up the phone and access all the amenities of a great hotel that has been synonymous with style and sophistication since it opened in 1927.