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Ginger's Garden Handmade Soaps and Lotions

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Vanilla, colloidal oatmeal and yogurt is a luxury soap with a natural, warm, vanilla scent. This soap is good for your skin and will leave it soft and cleansed. Vanilla Oatmeal soap has no dyes or perfumes, just all natural Vanilla Absolute. This is a wonderful soap for those with sensitive skin.
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Drakkar Noir Handmade Artisan Soap is scented with the duplication of the same name. This soap is beneficial for any man. This Soap is very refreshing and will clean gently but thoroughly. Ginger’s Garden Soaps make wonderful gifts for any occasion like a birthday or Father’s Day.
Carrotjuicesoap, carrotsoap, unscentedsoap, naturalsoap, handmadesoap, organicsoap, artisansoap, handmadesoap, gentlesoap, babysoap, naturalskincare, naturalbodycare, sensitivesoap, bathsoap, naturalbodysoap Carrot Soap, Carrot Juice, Raw Organic, Organic Soap, Natural Sugar, Natural Skin, Pure Olive Oil
Carrot handmade, natural soap with vitamin rich carrot juice will make this mild gentle soap your favorite. No color or scent added. This handmade soap is beneficial if you have sensitive skin. Carrot handmade soap has creamy rich lather and lots of fluffy bubbles due to the natural sugars in the natural carrot juice.
RaspberryLemonade, RaspberryLemonadeSoap, RaspberrySoap, LemonadeSoap, HandmadeArtisanSoap, GentleArtisanSoap, ArtisanBathSoap, ArtisanBodySoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, SoapGifts, UniqueGifts Shaving Cream, After Shave Balm, Raspberry Lemonade, Soap Company
This Raspberry Lemonade Handmade, Artisan Soap will be cured on April 22, 2023. This soap is very uplifting and refreshing in any bath or shower. It is a gentle soap that is useful for everyone. It is not on my site yet, but send me a PM and I can save one or two for you. Meanwhile take a peek at some of my other soaps.
Blackorchidsoap, OrchidArtisanSoap handmadesoap, orchidsoap, artisasoap, bodysoap, bathsoap, showersoap, blacksoap, purplesoap, gentlesoap, gentleskincare, uniquegifts, mensgifts, handcraftedsoap Black Orchid, Purple And Black, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Unique Soap, Bay Rum, Ingredient Labels
Black Orchid, Handmade, Artisan Soap is a luxury body soap with purple and black swirls from mica and activated charcoal. The inviting blend has notes of Grapefruit, Pepper, Leather, Rose, Patchouli, Violet, Black Orchid, Sandalwood, Amber, Ylang, Musk and Oud. It is suitable for both men and women.
AbsintheSoap, GreenFairySoap, LaFaeVerte, ArtisanSoap, HandmadeSoap, GentleSoap, ArtisanBathSoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, ArtisanBodySoap, BotanicalSoap, GentleSkinCare, GentleBodyCare, GingersGardenSoap Green Fairy Absinthe, Spice Base, Soap Gifts, Anise
Absinthe Green Fairy Handmade Artisan Soap smells just like its namesake. The soap is a beautiful dark color and contains notes of anise, sugar, juniper, amber and spices. It is a quality soap that’s gentle for any type of skin.
Champaca, ChampacaSoap, NagChampa, HandmadeSoap, ArtisanSoap, BathSoap, BodySoap, ShowerSoap, GentleSoap, ScentedSoap, NaturalSkinCare, NaturalBodyCare, PatchouliSoap, BotanicalSoap, CreamySoap Vanilla Spice, Scent, Fragrance
Champaca Handmade Artisan Soap has Patchouli, Sandalwood and touches of Amber, Vanilla and spice notes. It’s a classic and spicy scent, based on popular incense. A luxury soap that will lavish you skin with creamy gentle bubbles leaving a soft scent.
Tulipsoap, TulipArtisanSoap, TulipHandmadeSoap, CustomArtisanSoap, CustomHandmadeSoap, ArtisanBathSoap, ArtisanBodySoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, GentleSkinCare, GentleBodyCare, SpringSoap, EasterSoap, UniqueSoapGifts Handmade Items, High Quality Ingredients, Natural Ingredients
Tulip Handmade, Artisan Soap is a celebration of warmer weather, spring and Easter. Tulip soap is a gentle soap that will clean gently. It is suitable for any type of skin. It contains natural ingredients such as olive oil, castor, and mango butter. My artisan soaps are made in small batches and handcrafted with care.
CoconutLimeSoap, CoconutSoap, LimeSoap, TropicalSoap, HandmadeSoap, ArtisanSoap, ArtisanBathSoap, ArtisanBodySoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, LimeZest, HandcraftedSoap, GreenSoap, NaturalSkinCare, NaturalBodyCare, Uniquegifts Baby Shower, Lime Oil, Coconut Lime, Cold Process, Tropical Beach
Fresh Coconut and Zesty Lime Handmade Soap is a tropical beach party that's cool and refreshing in your bath or shower. Each soap is made with the cold process method and has beautiful green and white swirls in each bar.
GreenShamrockSoap, GreenCloverSoap, LuckyCloverSoap, GreenArtisanSoap, 
HandmadeArtisanSoap, RoundArtisanSoap, ArtisanBathSoap, ArtisanBodySoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, naturalskincare, naturalbodycare Ocean Air, Blonde Wood
Green Shamrock, Lucky Clover Handmade Artisan Soap is a round soap with a lucky shamrock in the middle. The scent has green notes, ozone, ocean air blonde woods, and is very fresh and green. This soap will be cured on March 12th. Meanwhile take a look at my artisan soaps on the web site.
CastilleSoap, OliveOilSoap, NaturalArtisanSoap, VirginOliveOilSoap, NaturalSoap, GentleSkinCare, GentleBodyCare, NaturalBathSoap, NaturalBodySoap, NaturalShowerSoap, ArtisanBabySoap, NaturalBabySoap Oil Handmade, Handmade Natural, Olive Oil Soap, Organic Olive Oil, Vegan Baby
Castile Natural Artisan Soap has virgin olive oil that contributes mild and gentle properties to this handmade soap. It has no scent or fragrance, just a touch of natural green clay. It is suitable for everyone including children.
BlueSkySoap, ArtisanSoap, HandmadeSoap, CitrusSoap, ArtisanBathSoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, ArtisanBodySoap, GentleSkinCare, GentleBodyCare, HandcraftedSoap, BlueSoap, ArtisanSoap, CustomScent, UniqueGifts Citrus Scent, Pretty Lights, Ozone, Geraniums
Blue Sky Handmade, Artisan Soap has a fresh citrus scent with green notes. The blend has apples, citrus, geranium, green leaves, and a hint of ozone. Each soap is a textured oval and a pretty light blue, like the sky on a sunny day.
Queenofhearts, queensoap, heartsoap, Valentinesoap, handmadesoap, artisansoap, redheartsoap, uniquesoap, ladysoap, womenssoap, uniquegifts, valentines2023, valentinesday, ladiesgifts, womensgifts, soapgifts, customfragrance, customscent Clary Sage, Cold Process Soap, Organic Coconut Oil, Queen Of Hearts, Juniper
Queen Of Hearts Handmade Artisan Soap contains a blend of fruit and florals like oranges, lavender, clary sage, juniper, soft florals, and white musk. Each soap has a red, glycerin soap embedded heart, surrounded by pink, peach and lavender swirls. This soap would make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
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Coming soon! Just in time for the spring season. This is Lilac scented, handmade, artisan soap with purple and cream swirls. It will be cured in 4 weeks, which is February 16. I have many other soaps on the web site ready to go.
#LilyOfTheValleySoap #LilySoap #HandmadeSoap #ArtisanSoap #GentleSkinCare #GentleBodyCare #ArtisanBathSoap #ArtisanBodySoap #ArtisanShowerSoap #HandmadeSoap #HandcraftedSoap #SoapGifts #UniqueSoap Tiny White Flowers, Birth Month Flowers, Clean Scents, White Lilies
Lily Of The Valley Handmade Soap has swirls of green and creamy white. It is scented with classic Lily Of The Valley fragrance, which has a fresh and clean scent. This soap will give you creamy bubbles that clean gently.
AquaticDreamSoap, HandmadeSoap, ArtisanSoap, BathSoap, BodySoap, GentleSkinCare, GentleBodyCare, ShowerSoap, GentleSoap, HandcraftedSoap, NaturalSkinCare, NaturalBodyCare, GingersGardenSoap, GentleArtisanSoap Unique Mothers Day Gifts, Unique Christmas Gifts
Aquatic Dreams handmade, artisan soap has a crisp, clean scent with green, blue, and yellow swirls. It will gently clean any type of skin. It has a blend of bergamot, geranium, gardenia, lily, musk, sandalwood, cedarwood, and amber. You’ll love this soap for its aroma and how wonderful it makes your skin feel.
Champagnesoap, celebrationsoap, handmadesoap, artisansoap, jojobabeads, wineglass, uniquegifts, birthdaygift, anniversarygift, customsoap, luxurysoap, spasoap, bathsoap, bodysoap, showersoap, gentleskincare, gentlebodycare Best Cleaning Products, New Year Celebration, Drinking Glass, Jojoba
Celebrate the New Year with a Handmade Artisan Soap for a good clean fun. This soap has quality oils and butters, along with natural jojoba beads. The drinking glass flute is made out of soap too. It is scented with a champagne fragrance.
GingersGardenSoaps, HandmadeSoaps, ArtisanSoaps, ArtisanShavingSoap, ArtisanShaveCream, ArtisanAftershave, ArtisanAftershaveBalm, BotanicalLotion, ArtisanLiquidSoap, ArtisanNaturalShampoo, ArtisanCologne, ArtisanPerfume Essential Oils Aromatherapy, After Shave, Ginger, The Balm
Here is wishing for health, wealth, and peace. Stay safe, warm, and dry. Here’s hoping for a brand New Year with less stress, good friends and happiness.
PeachSoap, PeachesSoap, PeachArtisanSoap, PeachHandmadeSoap, GentleArtisanSoap, ArtisanBathSoap, ArtisanBodySoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, GentleSkincare, GentleBodyCare, HandmadeSoap, HandcraftedSoap, ArtisanSoap Perfect Peach, Facial Soap, Peaches N Cream, Beeswax
A perfect Peach fragrance for my handmade soap! Smells just like biting into a luscious peach that is ripe off the tree! Enjoy that fresh peach aroma right in your shower or bath. Peach artisan soap has lots of creamy little bubbles that are gentle on the skin. Safe for everyday use by everyone.
Hollyberrysoap, hollysoap, holidaysoap, handmadesoap, artisansoap, naturalskincare, naturalbodycare, handmadegifts, uniquegifts, gentlebodysoap, gentlebathsoap, gentleshowersoap, hollyivy, gentleartisansoap, soapgifts Holly Berries, Red Berries, Holly Leaf, Floral Notes
Holly Berry with leaves and berries handmade soap is a gentle artisan soap for everyday use. Holly and Ivy fragrance has fresh balsam pine, ripe berries with a light floral note. It is a calming, green, fresh and refreshing scent. Makes a wonderful gift for anyone.
HandmadeArtisanSoap, SoapBurgundy, SoapMerlot, SoapCabernet, ArtisanSoap, HandmadeSoap, GentleArtisanSoap, GentleBodySoap, GentleBathSoap, ArtisanShowerSoap, NaturalSkincare, NaturalBodyCare Cabernet Merlot, Merlot Wine, Wine Lovers
Handmade, Artisan Soap in a Burgundy Cabernet Merlot scent. It is a beautiful, handcrafted soap with burgundy and white swirls. This soap is luxurious and cleans gently yet thoroughly. Cabernet Merlot handmade soap leaves the skin soft and silky without drying.
AngelArtisanSoap, AngelHandmadeSoap, HandmadeArtisanSoap, GoldenArtisanSoap, luxuryartisansoap, artisanbodysoap, artisanskincare, artisanshowersoap, holidayartisansoap, ChristmasSoap, gentleartisansoap Pink Grapefruit
Gold Angel Handmade, Artisan Soap with notes of vanilla, citrus, melons, peaches, plums, amber, chocolate, sandalwood and patchouli. A luxurious cold process soap with gold mica and exotic fragrance. A perfect soap for the holidays.
Aloesoap, aloeverasoap, agavesoap, handmadesoap, artiansoap, naturalsoap, Artisanbathsoap, Artisanbodysoap, Artisanshowersoap, naturalskincare, naturalbodycare, gentlesoap, handcraftedsoap, mildsoap, desertsoap Aloe Green, Unscented Soap, Agave Plant, Green Clay, Aloe Vera Juice
Agave Aloe Handmade, Artisan Soap comes from the desert and is made with Mango Butter your thirsty skin. The addition of agave adds extra bubbles, aloe helps to put the skin back in balance and mango butter for its mild properties.
Cranberryspice, cranberryspicesoap, cranberrysoap, spicesoap, artisansoap, autumnsoap, fallsoap, handmadeartisansoap, artisanbathsoap, artisanbodysoap, artisanshowersoap, holidaysoap, uniquegifts, womensgifts, holidaygifts Holiday Bar, Palm Kernel Oil, Love Your Skin, Castor Oil
Cranberry Spice Handmade, Artisan Soap is made with olive oil, coconut, castor oils and palm kernel. The cranberry is enhanced by the notes of orange peel and cinnamon. Each batch is enriched with tropical mango butter for a luxurious bar that will love your skin.
Spicesoap, plumsoap, spicedplumartisansoap, spicedplums, artisansoap, artisanbathsoap, artisanshowersoap, artisanbodysoap, handcraftedsoap, naturalskincare, naturalbodycare, uniquegifts, holidaygifts, womensgifts Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter
Plum Handmade Artisan Soap has a scent full of ripe, juicy plums enveloped with spiced cinnamon, cloves, and soothing vanilla. This handcrafted soap is very warming and uplifting at the same time. Made with natural wholesome ingredients to gently wash away dirt, dust, and grime.