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the mountains, hill in the foreground etc go one direction. The houses and tree do in the other direction

京都岩倉 実相院 Jissou-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan #Kyoto, #Green #緑 #床みどり

京都岩倉 実相院 Jissou-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan #Kyoto, #Green #緑 #床みどり

THE SHOES MUST MAKE Vlademeir. Lives inside Topaz Shadow, guides her through life, mostly just spectates. A little lazy.

まるで写真のような街の風景のイラスト。雨に濡れた地面がきれい。(via Nathan Walsh)

Realistic Urban Landscape Paintings of Chicago and New York by Nathan Walsh photo realism painting New York landscapes Chicago architecture - THIS IS INCREDIBLE

concept art

Concept art by Fabs. Keywords: concept sci-fi science fiction space scenes concept environments art by fabio barretta zungrone irvine.

もぐもぐめんま (「晩夏の夕暮れ」/「飴村」のイラスト [pixiv])

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