Egg Baked in an Avocado.
Thin Mint cupcakes! (The title says "grasshopper," but come on.)
Scalloped Potatoes baked in a muffin tin.
My mom is big into Quinoa, I'm not sure what to eat these with but I'll try them out anyway.
tiny pies in jars!
PIckled grapes.  Had some at a restaurant in St. Louis that sound like they were MUCH more briney than these.  Must try!
Minestrone Soup
Easy cheesecake tarts; gonna add a bit of sour cream and lime for cherry-lime cheesecake!

More ideas
Carrot, oak & apple cake (inspired by "War Horse") - I'll try making for cooking club tonight!
These little savory bites take only three ingredients and a few minutes to make. Delicious as a snack or alongside soup – eat with caution, these crisps are addictively tasty!
Buffy Punch. I've never seen Buffy, but now I want to have a Buffy party where we Netflix the heck out of it and drink this cocktail.
Planning on spending the day in the kitchen, or need to whip up a quick weeknight dinner? Or maybe you're just looking for a little inspiration. Browse thousands of recipes, from dips to desserts, exotic to classic and find your next favorite dish.
Basil parmesan quinoa cakes. Great easy recipe. I added some chopped mushrooms too and it needs salt and pepper. Made 10 patties (8 large, 2 small) using one cup of dry quinoa and only three eggs. Make a little sauce with greek yogurt, lemon juice, a little basil, salt, pepper and garlic or garlic powder - throw it in the blender.
Grilled Purple Pizza
Pie in a mason jar! Freeze and give away.  Bake in the jar
Get Spinach Salad with Sweet Roasted Pecans and Gorgonzola with Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette Recipe from Food Network
pickled vegetable sandwich slaw
You can prep the components of this pasta salad in advance -- toss together just before serving. The spicy arugula, creamy goat cheese, and a touch of Dijon mustard give the dish plenty of flavor.