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Kick Like a Girl is a 25-minute HBO documentary that follows a team of 8 yo girls who, having devastated all competition the previous two years, decides to get more challenge by playing in the boys division. The team is coached by soccer mom Jenny Mackenzie, a 40ish PhD Social worker turned filmmaker who also directed and wrote the documentary. Apparently the team's games were filmed in Salt Lake City in 2005, but it took several years to complete and distribute the project.

Shaun the Sheep is a BBC kids TV series of claymation figures from the creators of Wallace and Grommit. A flock of sheep clandestinely conduct human-like activities behind the back of their farmer. This DVD has eight 7-minute episodes from Season 1. In the first episode, "Off the Baa", the sheep play soccer with a head of lettuce, with the watchdog as the referee. The greedy pigs next door try to steal and eat the lettuce.

Big Brother Trouble is a terribly boring kids movie from Hemisphere Entertainment. An 11yo boy is infatuated with his new 16yo neighbor, but he becomes outraged that she is attracted to his big brother, a star soccer player. Character actor Bo Hopkins plays the town mafioso who tries to get big brother to fix the big game point spread, first by bribing him and then by kidnapping him. Little bro and buddies to the rescue.

just 4 kicks movie - reviews weren't very good for this kid flick that was underwritten by AYSO and features a cameo appearance from Cobi Jones.

A red Coca Cola soccer ball falls from the sky and is taken as sign by the old school janitor that he must revive the soccer tradition of his village. With the help of a former pro who has come home to run his father's tiny store, janitor Don Pepe assembles a school team named Atletico San Pancho. Anglicized title "Never Too Young to Dream". In Spanish with English subtitles.

La Copa de los Suenos or "The Cup of Dreams" or “Soccer Dreams”, is a low-budget soccer film. Shot in Tijuana, the orphans in a children’s home enter a tournament in order to win enough money to pay for the house mom’s brain tumor surgery. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Carlitos y el Campo de los Sueños transl. "Carlitos and the Field of Dreams" (also called "Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime") Carlitos, a 12yo orphan, sneaks out of the orphanage with the help of his fellow inmates, in order to play for Spain’s junior national team. The orphanage’s maintenance man becomes the team’s coach. The pair help win the European Junior Cup. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Steve Guttenberg is well known for his success with movie franchises, and maybe that's why he decided to star in a second soccer movie (made for TV). He also has done charity work for foster children, and in this family film, such kids help him find redemption. The story is pretty much "Mighty Duck" on a soccer pitch.

Family friendly, "Her Best Move" rises above the other teen/kid soccer movies in the authenticity of the players and the story. The actors and extras have soccer skills that are well captured by the cinematography. The story accurately portrays the trade-offs and stresses on soccer prodigies as well as their families and coaches.

Set in San Francisco del Monte, Mexico, this story follows a team of unpolished soccer players in their battle for youth, freedom and happiness. Starring Hector Suraez and Plutarco Haza, Athletico San Pancho is a light-hearted movie with deeper themes that can be enjoyed by everyone.

With Buddhism forbidden in Tibet, many parents send their children to India for education. Young Orgyen is passionate about his Buddhist education, but hes also passionate about soccer. His search for a balance between both his passions make for a funny, yet informative look at the world of Buddhism.

In classic Olsen-style, America’s favorite twins take to the soccer field in Switching Goals. When their father decides to coach a soccer team, the girls struggle to find their niche on the field and keep their spot in their father’s heart. This light-hearted comedy is idea for families with young children.

Sara Davis is a 15 year-old who has the chance to become the youngest player on the U.S. Womens National Team. With an over-bearing Dad, who is also her soccer coach, Sara begins to feel the pressure between school, romance and soccer.

Eleven-year old Will, a fanatical follower of the Liverpool FC, is attending boarding school in southern England. Although not an orphan, his father proves to be incapable of taking care of the lad after his mother dies. Unexpectedly, the father appears at the school with two tickets to the upcoming Liverpool-Milan FC championship match in Istanbul. Before the big date arrives however, Wills father suddenly dies.

The Big Green - Who can forget this great Disney flick from 1995?

Ladybugs (1992) - Almost forgot about this old family soccer flick with Rodney Dangerfield.

Haha, I love this movie!! :)

Soccer Dog: The Movie

Soccer Mom (3 stars) Passable acting in a hard to believe story. Has a nice message and is mostly family appropriate. You won't find anything spectacular here, but it also won't make you retch. Just an average, no-frills movie to be used as filler when you have nothing else to watch.

A detective must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond.

A Wild Soccer Bunch MOVIE!

Air Bud: Golden Receiver and Air Bud 3: World Pup (above), featured a variety of dogs playing football and soccer.

Bob the Builder made a soccer movie and I missed it??

Another soccer-loving dog movie!

Madeline and the Soccer Star