Love Neymar's new tattoo! Shows him as a boy dreaming about football, the Champions League and a house

Mail Online

Don't Tread On Me

Arsenal tat

Always have a ball at your feet!

Found this World Cup tat on - nice!

Jermaine Jones in 2009 - he has added a lot more ink the past five years!

Jermaine Jones does like his tats!

USMNT's Jermaine Jones gets a new tattoo to take to World Cup 2014!


Tim Howard // Interview Magazine

"Your spark can become a flame and change everything." Freshman women's soccer player Savannah Hall has this phrase tattooed on her wrist. It is a saying that her mom says to her before every game.

Natasha Kai. A great soccer player and athlete. She has 55+ tattoos.

US Women's National Team Soccer Player Natasha Kai pretty sick tat

Live with passion. My first tattoo.

Tattoo of Danish soccer player Daniel Agger

Designed my own tattoo. Soccer for life number 9.

soccer <3 want this so bad! Would love to get this!!!!!!

Queen soccer tattoo by Rudy back tattoos

USA soccer tattoo

goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris

Fresh American Outlaws Tat!

love soccer tattoo

This @Connie Price City tattoo board is so creative. The Citizens are definitely a trendsetter in sports and social media.

#manchesterunited #manu #reddevil #devil #tattoo #fresh #ink #4 #soccer #football #love.

ENGLAND - The Best Eleven: Pictures: Face Painted Footy Fans - A wee bit more committed than those who use paint on game day!