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22 Quotes About True Wisdom

...let emotions cool down, temper feelings of hurt and sadness. Even feelings of exhilaration can lead us astray. Important decisions should never be made in haste or in the heat of anger. Sleeping on it prevents many errors in judgement. ~ Jeanne Rivard

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"It may require extraordinary effort and much time, patience, prayer, and obedience, but we can do it." - Richard G. Scott #ShareGoodness #LDS #DeseretBook

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So often the world beckons us to give it attention but all that is vain; our hearts should be set on the One who gave his all for us; for God so loved that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life!

It ain't about letting go,it's about how to hold on.its not about how to give up but it's about how to keep not giving up.its not only about attraction or obsession,it's about true love,the bond you share,the care you do and the way you Don't Give Up.

''Those Who Don't Jump Will Never Fly'' (Teaser)

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