Baylee Blair

Baylee Blair

Life Is Good, Treat It That Way. Soccer👌
Baylee Blair
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I have no social life, well some times. Yes, I have a better friend than a soccer ball but I guess I'm with it like all the time, YYYEEEEESSSSS I HATE heels!

Barn Door. Space-saving upstairs laundry cupboard avoids having to bring any clothes downstair and minimise clutter. Just close the door and it's all hidden.

Sliding barn doors to hide laundry area; slide out of the way to be completely unobtrusive when you need to work within the space I don't much care for the barn look but the slide door is cool even a pocket door would be a good idea

Why don't I have this?!

Inflatable soccer field in water! I'd use for football but it is sooo awesome and I wanna play!-----Soccer is football

Sorry to all my friends that are basketball fans but it's true soccer way better and tougher than a lot of American sports