Jennifer Lawrence gif seeing her brothers after she won her Oscar. This is too adorable not to repin.

Jennifer Lawrence seeing her brothers after she won her Oscar. The oscar thing or my brother being happy to see me.but it was funny to watch.

Catching Fire! Haha

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Some people like Peeta. Some people like Gale. But everybody loves Finnick.

Hunger games

Katniss as a mockingjay. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen.

THANK YOU!! I drove by the movie theatre today and on the sign it said hungergames2 and i went in there and told them to get there facts straight.

Katniss Reads Catching Fire - Katniss Reads Catching Fire

HAHA love it so funny It's so annoying when people call it hunger games 2 I'm like NO ITS CALLED CATCHING FIRE and then they rub it in my face and I get proper pissed off.

Catching fire

Katniss is the perfect role model. She is the type of girl who cares more about Peeta than herself. She cares more about keeping Peeta alive than herself. She volunteered for Prim to keep her alive. Katniss is a very smart girl.

omg i love catching fire

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Katniss Everdeen- Catching Fire Jennifer Lawrence is one of my Fav Actresses :))

Peeta-Boo! Hunger Games Humor

I didn't even laugh I'm sorry Peeta was like dying in the arena therefore this meme is not OK 😐😨😰😵😒😒

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this girl is on fire. That has actually completely crossed my mind. Wow glad I'm not the only one!!

OMG THIS IS THE BEST! Santana's performance left me speechless on glee. The Hunger Games is always amazing. Glee=favorite show; The Hunger Games=favorite movie.

Lol haha funny / Hunger Games Humor / Capitol Fashion

The other funny thing is that Hollywood and the critics are focusing on the love triangle in all the hunger games books which is exactly what the Capitol did so yeah

What everyone should have learned from the hunger games.... but no gale

The loneliest people are the kindest (Peeta). The saddest people smile the brightest (Katniss). The most damaged people are the wisest (Haymich). A quote representing three of The Hunger Games characters. Oh how true!

The biggest Agenda 20 programming of all.  Shows the starving decimation of our country, and the global elite living in strong technical city (probably Denver) Scary stuff

30 hunger game quotes katniss

Reading has never really been joyful for me. The Hunger Games was one of the good movies that made me want to read more. Watching the movie and reading the book is two different things. I saw how much more detail you get when reading.

For the record, Marvel killed Rue, not Cato.

Didn't get it at first but they put a CATO fashions right next to a RUE Hunger games, everyone loves Rue. That's why everyone is parked at Rue 21

Love the Hunger Games cast! :) lol I can't stop laughing!!!!!! I wonder who he pictured as peeta

Funny pictures about Josh Hutcherson strikes again. Oh, and cool pics about Josh Hutcherson strikes again. Also, Josh Hutcherson strikes again.

I hate baking... Haha!

Funny pictures about Baking sucks. Oh, and cool pics about Baking sucks. Also, Baking sucks.

hahaha, this made me laugh so hard because its just so true! lol

Peeta's leg wound in movie vs book. the books are always 100 times better, plus in the book they amputated his leg, but in the movie they ignored that VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL !