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Such a happy thought to remember for those tough moments/days/weeks/months/years. :) They Come | Creative LDS Quotes Mormon Temples

Creative LDS Quotes: They Come

Thank you all so much for asking me questions. I feel loved but I can't comment for a few mins, sorry. --Jade N

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Making decisions is difficult, especially for your teen and young adult kids. Here are a few guidelines that may help you help them.

Helping your nearly-adult kids make good decisions

young women in excellence ideas | Young Women Theme Subway Art Style by Marti Watson This is to Kyri for being a Daughter of our Heavenly Father. This is what you shine. You walk with Faith. May the Lord bless you with your Journey.

Young Women Theme Subway Art Style

For my incredibly gorgeous friend, when she looked in the mirror she didn’t see true beauty. The powerful story of how a group of college students partnered with professionals to save the life of a friend with eating and exercise disorders who faced thoughts of suicide. Share this with your teen and young adult daughters and talk to them about true beauty.

The Ugly Side of Beauty

Do not expect to become perfect at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you are today.   #change #improvement #today #tomorrow #yesterday #struggle #growing

Deseret Designs: Be Better Today Than You Were Yesterday...

Creative LDS Quotes: Eagerly Waiting

Will you help create more relatable books for teen and adult struggling readers? Submit your story at

Story Share | Books

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President Hinckley quote -hang it in your kids bathroom so they can read it every morning while getting ready for the day.

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