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Social Exploits

Los Angeles, CA  ·  The Social Exploits team is comprised of people who have had years of in-field experience, and are the experts at social engineering, nonverbal communication, a
Social Exploits
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Perception Matters: The “unit effect”

Perception Matters: The “unit effect” - Social Exploits

Lie to Me Won’t Help You Detect Deception

Lie to Me. Another great show cancelled by dumb-ass tv executives who wouldn't know a good show if it slapped them in the face. Cal Lightman should analyze them for the truth!

The Truth About Microexpressions

Gizmodo - We come from the future.

The Facial Action Coding System Explained

The Facial Action Coding System Explained - Social Exploits

10 Principles for Successful Social Engineering

10 Principles of Successful Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering?

In Dutch there are two definite articles (words that mean 'the'). These are de and het. The article de is for masculine and feminine nouns.